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Killjoys Make Some Noise

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5 *Auditions involved from this pint onwards

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Okay this is the first chapter with my auditionee's in this :D

Makes the story more interesting xD


Gerard :

"Our visitors will be arriving any minute now" I said looking down at my watch.

"Great! Since i have been herre, i have never seen anyone visit" Aura smiled widely. She had joined the Black parade about 5 months ago and me and her immediantly became very close friends.

"These guys have not visited us in over a year and i am very close friends with them, i am close to far too many people" I smile lighting a cigarette, it won't harm me because im already dead.

"Are they visiting for any specific reason?" Aura questioned fizxing her blue fringe.

"Yes, but i aint saying because i want to tell everyone at the same time so i dont have to repeat myself" I said plainly

"Alright then" Aura smiled

"Gerard! They have arrived" Frank smiled walking in.

"Good!" I said leaving my room followed by Frank and Aura. Outside the house everyone was standing looking at the car with thye giant spider on it. Party Poison jumped out.

"Hey!" He smiled pulling me into a hug.

"Great to see you guys again" I smiled.

"Thank fuck i am out of that fucking car" Fun Ghul said slamming the door.

"Dont slam doors!" Kobra Kid sighed.

"Kobra!" Mikey ran over and pulled Kobra Kid into a hug.

"MIKEY!" Kobra Kid screamed.

"Well well well, i have not seen you in a while!" Melissa said making her way over to Kobra Kid

"How are you Melissa?" Kobra Kid smiled pulling her into a hug.

"I have been good" She laughed.

"So have you told the others about why we are here?" Party Poison asked.

"Not yet, i wanted to wait until you arrived, but like i said be prepared incase they don't go" I said.

"I already have" Party Poison smiled

"Ray, can you get everyone into the meeting hall for me? so that i can tell them the reason why the killjoys have visited?" I asked Ray who nodded and told everyone to go to the meeting hall which they gladly done.

"Guys come on!" Paerty Poison shouted over to thwe other killjoys. Mikey, Frank, Fun Ghoul, Jet Star, Kobra Kid and Melissa was ina full on conversation.

"Alirght" Fun Ghoul said sprinting over to us.

"Hey" I smiled

"Gerard!" Fun Ghoul smiled hugging me.

"Nice to see you again" Jet Star said appearing on the other side of me.

"It has been a while" I laughed as we made our way itno the meeting hall.

"Come on stage with me" I said to Party Poison who nodded.

"What is the killjoys doing here?" Mother War asked pulling me into a corner.

"I am saying now, but don't get over protective of Dana, you know how adventurous she is" I said

"If they are asking for recruitment i am not letting my daughter go, end of" Mother War pointed the finger and then left sitting beside Dana in the front row.

"Gah, she need's to give that girl some freedom" I muttered to Party Poison before going onto the stage.

"She cant keep hold of her" Party Poison agreed.

"Guys!" I shouted into the audiance who automatically turned their attention towards me.

"Hurry up, we are due another march in literally a half hour" Aura called. She was very passionate about marching. Sort of in a way my own fault.

"Alright, but in a sense i need to ask you all a very important question and thats why the killjoys are here and as you can see there is only 4 of them with us well that's simply because they are the only remaining killjoy's left in the world, all the others have been exterminated or destroyed you could say" I said. Then the whole room filled up with little chats again.

"I need to ask you guys a favour, we have noone else to go to, I need to ask you if you will help us take down Korse. He is the only one that is able to full on kill you that's why i am asking for your help, but i know you have all been trained and are willing to fight. We are literally pleading for your help" Party Poison said into the microphone steadily and seriously.

"I WANT TO JOIN!" Tanner, Aura and Dana shouted standing up.

"NO!" Mother War said to Dana

"MUM, PLEASE!" Dana shouted

"You can get killed!" Mother War said.

"I want to get into some fighting, i have not had a good fight in a while" Tanner smiled coming forward to the front of the stage.

"Me too" Aven smiled coming forward.

"I just like the thrill of the action!" Aura came forward.

"Think about this first, do we risk our lives here or do we fight" Hollie said stepping forward aswell.

"I know you have only asrrived here a few weeks ago but the thrill of fighting is amazing!" Tanner said

"I want to go, i don't care what you say, it is an adventure and im up for it" Dana said.

"Dont speak to me like that!" Mother War stood up and pointed her finger in her daughter's face.

"Let her go, we will make sure she is with one of us at all times" Jet Star smiled

"Can we go aswell?" Frank asked

"I WANT TO GO!" Mikey said stepping forward.

"Me too" Ray said.

"I am going aswell, for those of you who dont want to go you can stay and i will leave some one else in charge of the Black Parade while i am gone. Although i would like most of the MCRmy to come with me" I said. I knew Dana, Tanner, Aura and Aven would want to go. Hollie just thinks things through first and Melissa was also debating with Hollie.

"Fuck this shit, im going" Emily smiled standing up.

"YAAY!" Aven smiled.

"Eugh i have to spend this adventure with her!" Dana said pointing to Emily. The two of them dislike eachother always have since the first time they laid eyes on eachother, I dont know what it is that made them dislike eachother so badly.

"Also if you want even more recruitment i can get int touch with others" Mikey smiled

"Thank you Mikey" Pasrty Poison said appreciating how enthusiastic the Black Parade wanted to help.

"Are you letting Dana go, Mother War?" I asked her

"Alright, but keep an eye on her" Mothwer War said

"THANKYOU!" Dana hugge dher mother tightly.

"I will get in touch with some more recruits" Mikey smiled walking off.

"What does he mean by more recruits?" Party Poison asked

"He knws alot of people" I said

"I may aswell go" Holly decided

"I aint staying here alone, im going too" Melissa smiled

"Thanks guys" Fun Ghoul said. I got of the stage folowed by party Poison.

"No problem, i cant wait for this!" Emily said

"Fighting together!" Ray said

"High five!" Emily then high fived Ray. I really dont think they nknow what they are getting themselves into, but it will be an adventure and i just have to wait and see who Mikey is getting in touch with. God knows who.
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