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Clubbing Out

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The guys and Fiona head to a club but things aren't always as easy as that with them.

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Fiona's POV

They played the concert as usual, nothing new happened, Gerard sang and did dirty things to the mic, Ray swung his afro around a lot and Frank spazzed out everywhere while Mikey stayed near the back and I stayed backstage.

They bowed and went off immediately reaching for water. “You were great!” I said grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“Thanks!” Mikey said back opening my arms; I stepped backwards and was confront by an upset yet confused man infront of me.

“You’re all sweaty, Mikey!” I said giggling at my reaction. Mikey smirked and looked to the guys, I could almost see the cogs turning in his head and I knew he was planning something.

“Someone over here is afraid of sweat!” The guys looked at me and then glanced at each other. They all smirked with Mikey, catching onto his oh so obvious idea.

“Oh no you guys! Come on! New dress!...Guys?” I said in a whimper as the guys all walked towards me slowly as I did the same in the opposite direction backwards. They all engulfed me in a sweat covered group hug, me being in the middle. “Ew! You guys! Get off me!” I squealed in disgust.

Soon enough they let me go and we made our way to the hotel so they could have quick showers before we hit the clubs of Manchester.


We walked up to the club and asked the bouncer if we could get in the VIP section. He nodded simply and soon we were in with the loud thunderous music that busted with bass and cocktail galore!

I walked over to the bar with Frank and ordered our drinks. Frank soon found another girl to occupy his attention and I was left at the bar, I went to find Gerard, Ray or Mikey but from where I was standing I couldn’t find any of them.

I started to slightly panic in fear that they had already left and forgotten about me or worse they ditched me. I walked away from the bar and started my quest around the club; I weaved my way through the dancing sweaty bodies.

“Hey love, you wanna dance? Get a drink maybe?” A tall drunk man slurred.

“No thanks, I’m alright for now” I smiled politely back at him.

“Your loss lovely.” He shrugged and walked past me. I continued to search for someone I knew and soon found Frank.

“Frank! Frank!” I called out, he looked over to me from where he was dancing and put of finger up to the girl signalling for her to wait.

“What’s up Fiona?”

“I’m trying to find Mikey.”

Frank nodded and pointed to the direction of the bar. “He’s over there somewhere” I nodded and let him be with his girl while I went back through the sweaty bodies over towards the bar.

I looked around the bar and saw the guy I had just rejected and immediately went to search in the other direction. There was a massive pile of girls crowded around the bar, but I took no notice, surely they were the kind of girls that travelled in packs and that were it.

Speaking of which ‘Where’s my pack?!’ I thought to myself. I soon had walked around the bar at least 3 times; I was just about to leave when I heard a roar of laughter from behind me.

I spun in surprise and looked from where it had come from, it was the pack of girls but the laughter was not all filled with girlish giggles they were obviously male laughter in there too. I strode over to the pack of girls and pushed my way through slightly

“…And then he broke his foot by getting into a fight with a wall!” I heard Gerard explain loudly.

So I had found Gerard but where was Mikey. “Hey I was drunk and that wall was mouthing off at me!” I heard Mikey say.

I stood there motionless, I didn’t know what to think or say or do. I just stood there paralyzed. What was Mikey doing with all these girls? I mean I haven’t seen him since we got into this club and now he was hanging out with all of these women.

I glanced at each one of them, they all seemed taller than me because of their massive stiletto shoes and they were much prettier than me. Mikey deserved someone much better than me and I was sure one of these girls could do that fine.

I walked off and made my way over to the guy I had previously rejected, I didn’t know what I was doing I guess I just wanted to feel wanted.

“Hey, how about that drink you asked about before?” I asked painting a fake smile on my face.

“Sure beautiful, what do you want?”

“Anything, I don’t really care”

“Alright then.” He said while offering his stool to me and walking over to the bar tender. He soon came back with a bright and colour drink, I didn’t want to act lady like and stupidly sipped it so I chugged it down hoping that maybe in the morning I would forget what I had just seen. He got another drink and I chugged it down again but before he could get a third we were interrupted by Ray.

“Fiona!” I heard him shout from somewhere behind me. I turned around and saw him striding towards me obviously somewhat angry at my recent behaviour. “Fiona, what are you doing with this creep?” He said between his teeth. I just looked up at him, I couldn’t have a care in the world if fact the world felt like it was spinning around. I simply started to giggle which I guess made Ray really angry.

“Fiona! Fiona will you listen to me!” I didn’t respond exactly I just giggled and swayed about. “Okay you’ve had way too much; we need to get you to the hotel.” I didn’t want to go back to the hotel I wanted to stay with my new found friend…er what was his name? It really didn’t matter that much, I would only probably see him this one time.

“Ray I’m not going back to the hotel, you’ll have to carry me out if you want me to go” I said smirking at him but before I knew I was flinged over Ray’s shoulder and we were heading for the door. “Ray put me down!” I screamed while hitting his back and kicking my legs everywhere. Frank soon found us and was walking behind Ray.

“Hey Fiona, why are you being carried out fireman style? What did you do?” Frank said while giggling like a school girl.

“I didn’t do anything!” I shouted at him in protest. We soon found Gerard’s van and Ray finally put me down and opened the door gesturing me to get in. I pulled a tongue at him and got in with Frank while Ray went back to find Gerard and Mikey.

Frank was put under strict orders to watch me but I knew I could outsmart him. “Hey Frank can you get me some water from that Tesco shop? Pleaaase?” I said making my best attempt of puppy eyes.
“Shut up Fiona, I’m not that stupid there is no way I’m falling for that one”

“Ugh, fine I’ll just sit here and die then shall I?”

“I guess you will have to until the guys come.” Frank said nonchalantly acting like he didn’t care…or maybe he didn’t I wasn’t too sure. I rested my head on his arm and began to get sleepy, we didn’t speak for a while but I was the one who broke the silence.

“Oh my god Frank! I just saw a puppy walk around that corner! It was abandoned Frank! No one was with it, just imagine that poor puppy Frank all alone and starving!” I said in an exasperated voice making him quickly jump up in a panic for the imaginary puppy.

“Oh my god what?! Fiona stay here I’ll be right back, promise me you won’t move”

“I promise!” and within seconds Frank had gone running around the corner I had just pointed at. “To bad I never keep my promises Frankie.” I muttered under my breath while walking out the car and down the street, leaving the van, Frank, Ray, Gerard, Mikey and the life I had once lived.

Yeah I know I know I haven't posted in ages! mostly because I'm back in school and I had a butt load of work to do this week and I have now another story, don't worry I'm not abandoning this one I just have two. it's called "The Moulin Rouge" and it's the Moulin Rouge story but with the guys playing the main roles so check it out please! :D
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