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Reality Bites

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Frank meets a beautiful stranger at Brian's bar and the man begins to enter his life in more ways than one.

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Frank had had a hard day. His favourite teacher had left, he had a bruised ribcage from the beating he had gotten from Mark earlier that day, and he had to walk home because his car wasn’t back from the garage. So when he came across his favourite bar, he thought he deserved a drink or four. They knew him there, so even though he was underage, they served him regardless.
The familiar smell of the old mahogany bar, nicotine and spirits washed over him and the knot of pent up feelings in his stomach loosened in relief. The Regulars were sat hunched on the bar stools, clutching their drinks as if they were life lines. Frank slid onto his normal stool, next to a man he did not recognise. How strange, he thought. The man looked nervous and kept drumming his fingers on the bar, glancing towards the door every now and then. The bartender, Brian, smiled as he came over to Frank and asked “The usual?” pouring a beer in response to his nod. Frank tried to concentrate on his drink, as the bitter liquid slid down his throat easily, but the unfamiliar man unnerved him. He kept looking over his shoulder, as if he had a twitch, and Frank watched him down two vodka double wines.
“You waiting for someone?” Frank’s curiosity got the better of him and the man turned sharply towards him, hazel eyes wide.
“Well… if you must know… yes I am.” He looked down his nose a little haughtily at Frank, and raised his eyebrows minutely when his eyes brushed over the boy’s piercings.
Their attentions turned away from each other when Brian stepped up onto the little stage in the corner of the bar, tested the microphone and announced, “As you all know, it’s Friday night which means free mic night. So, any of you wanting to share something, go ahead.”
Frank chuckled to himself when, as usual, a drunken Ryan got up on stage to recite some poetry he wrote about a guy he liked, but was too pussy to say anything. And for the grand finale, he took off his shirt and swung it over his head, tripped off stage and passed out in a pool of his own drool. A lot of tutting and eye rolling followed, The Regulars were used to Ryan’s antics. Brian ignored Ryan, still sprawled out on the floor, and called over to Frank, “You wanna go up, Iero? The place is dead tonight.”
By this time, he was a little drunk so Frank agreed and ambled up the steps, picking up the bar’s guitar and taking place centre stage.
He cleared his throat and said “Hey, most of you know me, I’m up here a lot I guess, it’s Frank, Frank Iero. I’m going to play a song I wrote called Yesterday.”

...Cause it feels like yesterday
I can't be wrong
I'm re-living yesterday.

He finished with a flourish and bowed to the drunken applause. Sitting back onto his stool, Brian handed him another beer, and quizzed him “Had a bad day, Iero? That was good, by the way.” He nodded towards the stage, “It would be even better if you weren’t drunk.”
“You don’t even know, and thanks.” Frank slurred as he accepted another beer.
“Seriously Frank, you could go professional. Guitar I mean, your voice is a little whiny.”
“I knew the pleasantries wouldn’t last!” Frank laughed to himself, but the hairs on his neck stood up as he suddenly got the horrible feeling he was being watched.
Sure enough, a glance to his left confirmed this, the strange guy was staring at him, seemingly unashamed that his mouth was gaping open.
“Take a picture. It lasts longer.” Frank muttered at him.
“What? Oh.” the man came back to his senses, shook his head minutely and blurted “That was amazing! Let me buy you another drink. Hey! Er… Brian? Is it?”
As the guy ordered him another drink, Frank let his eyes wander over his features. He had a little button nose, smooth skin and perfectly shaped lips, the overall effect being that he was quite attractive.
Frank was intrigued by this man, and wanted to get to know him better, hell, he had like, no friends. So he asked him, “What’s your name?”
“Gerard.” He stated, turning back towards Frank and handing him a drink.
“You still waiting for somebody?”
The man blushed, his pale skin suddenly flushed pink, “I- well, I think I have been stood up.”
“Oh, that’s rough, man. She’s not worth it.”
“Well for a start, it wasn’t a ‘she’.”
Oh. That changed things.
He isn’t worth it, then.” Fuck it, Frank thought. “Now let me buy you a drink.”
“I won’t protest to that!” Gerard smiled, and reached out to put a hand on Frank‘s thigh.
They talked effortlessly, and never ran out of things to debate about, finding they even had some things in common. (Except for when they argued playfully over music taste. Frank was in to punk, namely The Smiths and The Ramones, but Gerard stuck firmly with the classics, like Elton John and David Bowie. “Pussy” Frank teased.)
Frank started to feel very light-headed, and all this drinking made him need a piss. “As much as I want to stay talking to you, I have to go to the men‘s room for a sec.” He announced.

Frank looked at himself in the dingy bathroom’s mirror. He knew he wasn’t bad looking, his body and devastating smile had got him places in the past. But he couldn’t help suspecting Gerard would have higher standards than some guitar playing kid with too many tattoos and a Napoleon complex. However, after a few deep breaths and some self-reassurance, Frank decided to go for it. He was quite drunk after all, and if it went badly, he would have forgotten all of it by the morning. What’s the worst that could happen?
Frank had barely opened the door before he was pushed back inside and pinned roughly by the shoulders against the back of the door.
To his surprise, it was Gerard staring back at him, something dark had clouded over his eyes.
“Don’t- just don’t judge me for this. I don’t usually do this- just. Whatever.” He blurted and licked his lips.
Before he could reply, Gerard’s hand tipped his chin up, and he pressed his lips onto Frank’s. Fireworks exploded behind his eyes and he kissed back hungrily, his hands finding Gerard’s hips. Frank opened his mouth to deepen the kiss, and their tongues danced passionately. Gerard bit down on Frank’s bottom lip, played with his piercing between his teeth and slowly grinded his hips into Frank’s lower half. They both moaned loudly at the friction, their hands roaming wildly and in a moment driven by pure lust, Frank squeezed Gerard’s ass, which made him whine and buck his hips.
After a while, they both had to break for air, breathing heavily and smiling.
“F-fuck” Frank panted. He had always known he was good, but he even dared think that Gerard might be even better.
“My sentiments exactly.” Gerard reached out to entwine Frank’s fingers with his, and he pecked him on the lips before leading Frank out of the bathroom and through the bar. Brian noticed their flushed faces and glistening lips, but just raised his eyebrows and said nothing, continuing to kick Ryan in an attempt to wake him up. Frank rarely let another man take the lead, but he was a smart kid, and Brian trusted his judgement.
Before he even knew what was happening, Frank was out in the parking lot, being pushed back onto the hood of a car, Gerard attacking him with more perfect kisses.
As Gerard pulled away, Frank made a little noise of disappointment and looked up at the man expectantly.
“So Frank, I was thinking…” Gerard pondered, shivering as Frank trailed a finger up his spine, “that you should definitely call me. Tomorrow morning. And we should have lunch.”
Frank laughed, “Well, you have already made the decisions then? So what’s the point in me calling you?”
Gerard seemed to have no answer to this, and frowned. He pulled Frank towards him again, kissing the top of his head and mumbling into his hair, “Shut up and just call me okay? And I’ll see you tomorrow.”
He got out a pen and wrote his number up Frank’s arm, giving him a wink and another quick kiss, before walking away, throwing a grin and a little wave over his shoulder.
Frank’s head was spinning, and not just from the alcohol. This was moving way too fast. He had never done anything like this before. He was the type to stay at home on a Friday night, writing songs or baking. (Yes, baking. He may try to look tough, but even the most hardcore of people like cake.) He wasn’t the type to go out, get drunk and make out with some guy he just met.
Although, even then, Frank could tell that Gerard wasn’t just ‘some guy’. He was confident, but not overly. Assertive, yet tender. Not to mention a damn good kisser.
Frank stumbled home with a content smile on his face and couldn’t help thinking his crap day had rounded off very nicely.
And he had a feeling tomorrow was going to be even better.

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