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Chapter 2/3/4

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They go on a date aww.

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Read my note if you want to know why there's a lot...

Frank woke up early Saturday morning, with a harsh thrumming in his head and a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach. As he stretched and yawned, wincing from the fresh bruises, he noticed some numbers scrawled up his arm, with a name accompanying them.
Then it all came crashing back to him.
Gerard. Call. Lunch date. Today.
Frank practically leapt out of bed to rummage around his room for his phone. It had to be there somewhere, and he finally found it under his bed beneath some week-old pizza that was growing stuff. He punched in the numbers on his arm into his phone and waited, his heart beating ridiculously fast. After six whole rings, a familiar voice greeted him.
“Hey, Gerard, it’s Frank. From the bar? Last night?” Frank felt his skin crawl as dread suddenly set in. What if Gerard didn’t remember?
“Hey!” Frank’s heart leapt, as Gerard sounded genuinely happy to be hearing from him, “I was just thinking about you.”
“You were?” Frank cursed himself as he blushed, don’t be such a pussy.
“Yeah, I know this great place by the beach if you are still up for our date?”
“Of course!” Frank gushed, “You talking about Pete’s Fish Place?”
“Yes! You know it?”
“Everyone in the State knows it, so, I’ll meet you there at 12?” Frank bit his lip in anticipation.
“Sounds great, see you then.” Frank could almost hear Gerard smiling.
“Alright, see ya.”
Frank hung up and punched the air happily. A date! With an actual human being!
Things were finally looking up.

Their date at Pete’s Fish Place went swimmingly (if you‘ll excuse the pun). They got to know each other more, Frank talking enthusiastically about his job at the bakery in town, Gerard listening and occasionally talking about himself, mostly his art. He kept his work and private life out of the conversation, but Frank didn’t mind, he kind of liked the mystery that shrouded this man. After, they bought ice creams and walked on the beach hand in hand, laughing at how very cliché they were.
“I like this.” Frank said, never one to beat around the bush about his feelings.
“Me too. A lot.” Gerard answered simply, squeezing his hand. Fuck. He liked Frank a lot.
By this time they had walked back to Gerard’s car, and were lying side-by-side on the hood, looking up into the cloudless blue sky. Frank turned to look at Gerard, and he did the same. Frank pulled him in for a deep kiss, placing a hand tenderly on Gerard’s back.
“So…” why was he so nervous? “you want to do this again sometime?” Frank asked with a shy smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.
Gerard answered with “That would be amazing, Frank.” And a kiss on his forehead.
“Ugh, why do I have to be at work in… ugh, 15 minutes?” Frank growled.
“Just a couple of hours ago you were telling me it’s the best job you’ve ever had!” Gerard laughed.
“I guess, but I‘d rather be here with you.” Jesus, where was all this cheesy shit coming from? Frank thought it couldn’t be possible for Gerard to smile wider, but he did. “So, you going to call me? Or am I going to be the one doing the chasing in this… thing we have?”
Thing?” Gerard repeated and chuckled, “I was thinking more... relationship?” Frank’s heart swelled with happiness.
Then, he had a thought.
“So, are you my boyfriend?” Frank blushed again, and he wondered how there was any more blood left pumping around is body, as it all seemed to rush to his cheeks (or his dick) when Gerard was around.
When did he become such a girl?
“If you would like me to be.” This time it was Gerard’s turn to blush, not usually one to be shy, but his fear of rejection was still fresh after being stood up last night. (Although, admittedly, he could not remember much about yesterday evening, only the parts with Frank.)
“I would love you to be.” Frank hugged him and leaned up to kiss Gerard’s nose, grinning at him. His boyfriend.
They should have felt scared at how the relationship was going so fast, they had not even known each other 24 hours. But there, laying on Gerard’s car, wrapped in each other’s arms, safe, it just felt so right.
They both jumped when Frank’s phone rang, Green Day‘s Peacemaker ruining the blissful silence. It was Bob.
“Oh shit that’s my boss. Excuse me for a sec?” Frank frowned. Gerard nodded, happy just listening to Frank’s half of the conversation.
Frank hung up, sighed and sat up, Gerard following suit.
“Damn, I am late for work, so I have to go.” Frank sighed again reluctantly.
“That’s alright. I probably can’t see you tomorrow, I have… stuff to do.” Gerard said, disappointment lacing his words.
“Okay, that works out fine, I work all day at the bakery tomorrow anyway.” he smiled, pulling Gerard in for a quick hug.
“I guess we have to say goodbye now then? Oh, and I will call you.” Gerard mumbled into his shoulder.
“Yeah, alright, bye.” He answered briefly. Frank was never any good at goodbyes.
One last slow, lingering kiss before Frank started to walk to work, as it was only a block or two away, too happy now to care that he was late.

“Iero! Get behind this counter right now, or I swear to God I will not be held responsible for-”
“Alright, alright, I’m here now, aren’t I?” Frank interrupted, he loved winding up his boss.
“Shut up and put on your apron.” Bob growled at him, while chucking him his work uniform. “Anyway,” he carried on in a lighter tone “what’s made you so happy?”
“Don’t give me that shit Iero, I haven’t seen you smile so much since you got that new puppy.”
“Well, fine, if you must know I got a boyfriend. We met at Brian‘s last night.”
“Ah, way to go Frank! You over that douche bag Chris then?”
“Hell yeah I am.” Frank grinned, and decided to actually get on with some work, sauntering over to the massive oven to get out the fresh bread.

Before closing time, Frank decided to pester Bob, who was sweeping the floor, with one of his frequent requests.
“Boooob?” He asked carefully. Bob carried on sweeping.
BOB.” Frank shouted, and Bob finally turned towards him, eyebrows raised.
“So when are you going to let me actually bake something? I can do cake? Or pastries?” Frank whined, almost pleading.
Bob sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose thoughtfully. Fine.
“Alright. Make some stuff tonight, bring it in tomorrow and I’ll see if you could actually be useful for once in your life. Now, get out of my sight before I change my mind. Oh, and switch the sign to Closed before you leave.”
Yes! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Frank squished him in a tight hug and skipped out of the shop, flipping over the Closed sign as he went.
“There’s something very wrong with that kid.” Bob muttered to himself, watching Frank prance down the quiet street.

Frank knew he was probably being too eager, but he just had to text Gerard that evening.
Guess what? x
What? x
Bob is letting me bake stuff! I’m putting together samples right now x
Oh Frank that’s great babe! Maybe you could bake for me sometime? ;) x
Frank’s heart skipped erratically at the use of the word ‘babe’. Jesus, he was so far gone for this guy.
Sure, so when can I see you again? x
They agreed to meet at Brian’s again on Monday evening, Frank knew he would have homework to do that night, but he didn’t even care.

Chapter 3
Business at the bakery was uncommonly slow that Sunday, but Frank was grateful, as it meant he got to get Bob to try his cakes.
And even Bob had to admit, he was pretty good.
“Wow, Iero, perhaps you are not such a waste of oxygen after all. So,” he mumbled through a mouthful of soft Victoria sponge “tell me about this new boyfriend of yours, as I didn’t get enough dirty details yesterday.”
“Err. Well, his name is Gerard and he lives on the other side of town.”
“Good looking?”
“Duh.” Frank rolled his eyes. He had standards, for Christ’s sake.
Frank hesitated, and racked his brains for an answer. Then it occurred to him that they had never exchanged ages, between all the banter about more important things.
“I, I don’t know.”
“Well, put it this way, are his balls saggy yet?”
Jesus Bob! He‘s probably about my age. Plus, what kind of person do you take me for? I’ve only known the guy… 3 days! And no, I‘m pretty sure they‘re not. Okay?”
“You never know with you, Iero.”
“I’m not that much of a whore!” Frank frowned and crossed his arms defensively.
“Oh, lighten up, Iero. I’m just fucking with you.” Bob nudged him and winked.
“Whatever. Bryar.” Frank rolled his eyes and went out front to serve a customer.

Frank felt buzzed walking to school on Monday, purely because he would see Gerard again that night, and they would text each other at every given opportunity through the day. Even the pounding sleet and wind couldn’t dampen his spirits, as he turned the corner and the bleak grey building loomed into sight.

We would all like to give a very warm welcome to our new teacher today, the staff body and I urge you to make them feel at ease on their first day here.’ Principal Warner’s monotone voice crackled over the speaker.
Frank slumped even lower in his seat. He had forgotten about that, and he couldn’t help but feel it would be hard to adjust to a new teacher, especially in his favourite subject. His tutor called out the register and before he knew it the bell rang, but Frank stayed in his chair for a while. No point in rushing to his first lesson, he didn’t want to strain himself, after all.
When he finally decided to stroll on to Maths, he was very late, and got reprimanded by Mrs. Fitzpatrick. Unaffected by the threat of detention, he shrugged and slid in to his seat next to Tom, who greeted him half-heartedly.
“Hey.” Frank replied, but prevented future conversation by getting out his phone and texting Gerard about that night, a smile never leaving his lips. His first two lessons were uneventful, as usual, but when he sat under the tree with his friends at break, Frank got the feeling not everyone was having as good a day as he was having.
“That new teacher is such an asshole. Claire like, snorted at something he said and he sent her out. And he did that whole ‘the bell doesn’t dismiss you, I do’ thing when it went, and kept us in there for another ten fucking minutes. I swear to fucking God I will quit English before the year is out.” Zach waved his arms around in frustration, talking to everyone, but no one in particular. (He had a knack for doing that.)
“Guys,” Frank piped up “you could have saved it until lunch, I got English next.” He sighed. English was his favourite subject, until now.
“Sorry, man. It’s just. He’s such a fucking wank stain. Fucking hell.” James turned to him and carried on, “We thought you might want a heads up.”
“Well thanks, I guess.”
They ate in silence, contrasting to their usual Monday break banter about who had shagged who on the weekend.
“Oh shit.” Zach hissed, and Frank looked up in just enough time to see Mark strut over with his clan in tow, his eyes set onto Frank.
“Iero! Got some Biology homework given to me this morning. And I expect it to be done by tomorrow. We wouldn’t want a repeat of Friday now, would we?” He threw some papers down by Frank and sniggered to his cronies.
“No.” Frank said through gritted teeth, his ribs protesting ironically when he turned to look Mark in the eye. “By tomorrow, got it.”
“Good boy.” Mark cooed, like Frank was a fucking dog or something, and walked away.
“You let him beat the shit out of you again? What the fuck, Frank? You could totally take him.” James said.
“I know I could, but it’s like I told you guys, he knows something about me I really don’t want other people to know, okay?” Frank appreciated their support, he really did, but he could not afford to pay the price of defying Mark. “I’m gonna go to English. Don’t want to be late if this teacher is as much of an asshole as you claim, right?” Frank picked up his bag as they said goodbye, and wandered over to the English corridor.
He arrived before everyone else, including the teacher, and took his usual place at the front. He rested his head on the desk and closed his eyes, listening to everyone file in and eventually settle down when the new teacher came in.
“Morning, class. Get out your set texts and analyse chapter 6. I won’t bother with pleasantries, I am sure you have heard enough about me already.”
Frank looked up from his desk, and at the same time the new teacher’s eyes met his.

Chapter 4
“Well. Fuck.” Gerard said, his eyes fixed on Frank. The class sniggered, but he didn’t care.
He just didn’t know what to do.
You’ve got a fucking job to do, Gerard.
“So. I expect essays on Chapter 6 to be on my desk on Thursday morning, no later or so help me I will give all of you detention.” He said a little shakily, his eyes darting everywhere but where Frank (his fucking boyfriend. Oh God.) was sitting.
He felt his phone buzz in his pants and proceeded to set the class more work before checking it slyly under his desk.
He already knew who the text would be from, and it just said Fuck.
I know. Act up so I have an excuse to keep you back.
OK. was the simple reply.
“So, sir.” Franks low, velvety voice piped up suddenly (although, of course, Gerard was expecting it.) “I’ve heard you are a complete asshole. So far this theory is proving to be correct.” His classmates looked at him in shock, obviously he never normally played up.
“See me after class.” Gerard drawled and sighed, commencing to doodle a little zombie in the corner of his teacher’s planner.
The rest of the lesson consisted of Gerard trying not to throw up, and sneaking little glances at Frank who was either diligently working, or sneaking glances back at Gerard. When their eyes met Gerard’s heart went all fluttery and he had to look away for fear of crying or yelling or vomiting.
I am a paedophile.
No, you’re not. There must be some sort of explanation or something.
You are 25. He is under 18.
When the bell finally went he didn’t even bid the class goodbye, he just ignored the dirty looks they threw at him and stared down at his nails, clasped into tight fists on his desk.
The door shut loudly with finality, and silence descended. Neither of them knew what to say. Was there anything to say?

So that's kinda as far as I got sorry.
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