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The Proposition

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Kyo and Shinya meet up with Die and offer a proposition of assistance.

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It was dark and cold... but all nights were like that in these times. The moon was full and the clouds threatening. Two men where traveling on horses using the night as a veil. Kyo wore all black and a weapon hoister on his hip with the handle of the sword showing and Shinya wore all black as well but didn't carry a sword, he carried a bow and arrows. Kyo had other reasons for riding at night, that of which Shinya knew nothing of, but none the less rode along with him still.

As they traveled onward they began to notice things out of the corner of their eye, but when they looked in that direction, everything seemed normal. The nights sway was slipping as Kyo and Shinya continued on horseback to their journey for shelter. Every now and then he caught glimpse of the trees around them moving. Shinya discarded this as the wind moving them.

"We're almost there" said Kyo.
"Where are we going?" asked Shinya.
"You'll find out when we get there" replied Kyo.

With that they met a forked road, at which Kyo took the northeast road. Shinya could see lights ahead of them and knew that was where they were going. The little village's name was Tsumi, which Shinya thought was strange for a town to be named for crime and indiscretion. The village was blocked off at all sides except for a small sectioned gate which was probably guarded on the other side.

Kyo continued forth and got off his horse and knocked lightly on the gate four times at which a little slot on the gate slid open and a man's eyes appeared to be viewing them.

"What's your business in Tsumi?" asked the man.
Kyo's reply "we have a meeting with someone."
"Who is this someone?" asked the man.
"His name is Daisuke Andou"

The man closed the gate slit and everything went silent. After about thirty seconds the gate opened. Kyo got back on his horse and they entered through it. Shinya followed Kyo quietly as he led them to the bordello of houses. Kyo got off his horse and tied it off to a post, Shinya did the same. Kyo walked up to the door and knocked three times, Shinya had stopped a few steps before the door to admire the size of the house and all the adornments. The door cracked open and a man shown through the crack.

"What business do you have at this house?" asked the man.
"I've come to see Daisuke" replied Kyo

The man closed the door and returned shortly after.

"Die isn't expecting anyone at this hour so leave" said the man.

He went to shut the door but Kyo grabbed and held it open and said to the man "He is expecting me so I advise you to tell him Kyo is here."

The door man studied him for a few moments before asking "who's the other?"
"He's Shinya Terachi, he's not to be worried about" replied Kyo.

The door closed again and a few moments later you could hear bolts and chains being pulled loose and unlocked. The door opened and Kyo motioned for Shinya to follow behind. Kyo continued walking behind the door man to the destination in which Shinya didn't know. While on the way to their destination he took in all of his surroundings. He noticed halls upon halls all of which had black walls and checkered floors. The rooms themselves gave off a blatant black and white vibe of mono-toned emotion.

The door man stopped at a white door, which stuck out due to the black walls and doors everywhere. The door man opened the door and Kyo walked in, Shinya followed. There was a man sitting in a chair behind a desk but was turned to the fireplace behind it. The doorman went out the door and shut it behind him. Kyo and Shinya got up to the desk and Kyo said "your doormen get more and more disrespectful with the ages Die."
"Disrespectful Kyo or very suspicious of all my visitors, they do their jobs as they are paid to do" said Die. "Kaoru does his job well and is well compensated for his work" continued Die, "After all that happened before I thought you'd expect such things of me."

"That may be, but down to business friend" said Kyo.
"It's always about business with you, isn't it?" asked Die.
"It usually is" said Kyo.

Shinya continued to watch the two talk with content.

"What is it you want Kyo?" asked Die.
"I need your help with a Tengu" said Kyo.

Die turned the chair around to face the two at which revealed a much built man with fire red eyes, pale complexion, and clothes fashioned in the olden days of America.

"They are extinct Kyo, so you wouldn't need my help in this matter" said Die.
Kyo replied "there is... one... and this one is more than a rumor and powerful enough to worry about."

Shinya became a little worried at the words Tengu and that it was more than rumor and powerful. He didn't believe that demons were real and that they could physically be real non-the-less.

"If this is so then I will accompany you and your friend to defeat this foe, it's been ever so long since I fought the fight worth the draw of my weapon" said Die.
"That's fine, but be ready by tomorrow night to journey because I and my companion Shinya need rest" replied Kyo.
"Still hiding from the day Kyo" said Die with a taunting laugh.
"Of all people you should know my nature" said Kyo.
"Yes, yes I know, so it's settled, we leave tomorrow at sun set" said Die.

Kyo nodded in accordance and walked towards the door at which Kaoru opened and ushered them out and to their rooms for the day. Kyo was the first to get to a room, he went in the room and before Shinya could continue following Kaoru, Kyo pulled Shinya to the side and told him "you don't have to worry about the Tengu, it's not your problem"
"I still wish to help in any way I possibly can" said Shinya.
"That will be very brave of you Shinya, and remember this isn't some little Oni, this Tengu can change forms to sway you from your goal of defeating it" said Kyo.
"I understand" said Shinya.

Shinya left the room and continued to follow Kaoru to his room. They got to a door at the end of the hall and the Kaoru opened it. Shinya stepped inside it and the door man closed the door. Shinya looked around at the room taking in all the dark shaded furniture and walls. He went over to the bed and studied it a few minutes before considering changing to lay on it. He changed out of all the heavy clothing he wore on the journey and climbed into bed and immediately dozed off not even taking into notice that it was day time as opposed to night.
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