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Creepy Stares and Discussing Assholes.

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first day at school.

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Two weeks had passed in what seemed like no time at all and now I was waking up stupidly early to start school. I was so nervous I thought I was gonna throw up. What if everything went wrong? Finally managing to get out of bed I hobbled over to the wardrobe and was faced with the conundrum of what to wear. In England I hadn't had this problem because of the uniform so this was going to be tricky. Should I make a statement I wondered before quickly deciding that it would be a bad idea. In the end I went for black skinny jeans, a Greenday tee and camo converse. I forced myself to head downstairs. In the kitchen Dad and Linds were waiting for me (Bandit was still in bed), Linds gave me a supportive smile and passed me a coffee which I gratefully accepted.
Seeing how nervous I was Dad tried to comfort me. "I'm sure they'll all love you!"
I just raised my eyebrows at him since he couldn't have picked a more cliché thing to say if he tried.
"Yeah, yeah I know it's over used but I figured it must be because it works" he said with a sheepish grin.
"Are you driving me?"
"Yeah and I also need to sign you in..."
"But then people will see you!" I gasped. If people knew I’m Gerard Way's daughter it could get very complicated.
"I knew you were embarrassed of me!" he said with a laugh pretending to be insulted.
"Yeah" I said grinning “why couldn't you be and accountant or something normal like that?" I teased.
"Because that would be so boring? And I’m just far too fabulous for boring!"
I rolled my eyes at that; sometimes he could be as bad as Frank.
"Anyway we better get going. Don't want you to be late on your first day do we?"
"Heaven forbid" I muttered under my breath causing Linds to laugh.
From the car park the school looked daunting and I very much did not want to leave the safety of the car. However I, very reluctantly, had to and as Dad led the way to the office I tried my best to ignore the stares we were getting as people recognised him. We reached the office and the lady behind the desk smiled brightly at us.
"Hey it's my daughter's first day" he told her. Some of the staring people nearby started muttering when they heard this and I felt myself blush.
"Tamsin Way?" she asked. I nodded and she gave another smile "okay I’ll just give you your timetable and find someone to look after you." she looked around briefly before calling out "Amy! could you show miss Way around for today?"
"Sure thing." Said a tall girl with black hair tumbling down her back.
"Okay Mr Way if you could just come through here to sign some papers and Tamsin, Amy will show you to your class." Feeling helpless I turned to Dad.
"Go on it's gonna be okay" he told me before giving me a hug. "I’ll come and pick you up at the end of the day" and with that he turned to follow the smiley office lady. The girl she had called over was standing beside me now.
"Hey I’m Amy and I’m gonna try and stop you from getting lost in this hell hole!" she said cheerfully.
"Umm hi I'm Tammy and I've never been more nervous in my life!"
"Don't worry I'll look after you, make sure you don't make friends with assholes etc."
"I wouldn't make friends with any assholes!" I protested with a grin
"But if you always knew who was an asshole they wouldn't get the chance to be one!" she said putting on a wise voice.
"Then how do I know you aren't one?" I asked, now laughing.
"You don't" she told me with a wink. "Now do you to stand here all day discussing assholes or are we gonna get a move on?"
"Do I have a choice?" I queried.
"No." she told me firmly before grabbing my arm and leading in the direction of our form room. The morning passed quickly and seemed to be okay; well apart from the whispers as I walked by. It would appear news of who my father was had travelled quickly. It was now lunch and Amy was leading me towards the cafeteria.
"You can meet all my friends!" she babbled excitedly.
"But what if they don't like me?" I whined.
"They will."
"No buts!"
She led me to a table with three others on. Another girl with bleach blonde hair and black lowlights and two guys. One had brown hair and was tanned; the other had longish black hair and was pretty pale.
"Guys this is Tammy!" She announced loudly. "She's just moved here from England and is our new friend."
"Hey Tammy!" they all chorused.
"I'm Ellen" the blonde girl started "and these two are Tom" she motioned to the brown haired guy "and Alex" she hit the black haired guy on the head.
"Hey! What was that for?!" He complained
"I was simply emphasizing who you are!"
"So how's your day been so far?" Tom asked.
"Pretty good. Apart from the creepy stares!" I replied.
"Yeah you've gotta be the most exciting thing to happen at this school for years!" Ellen Laughed.
"So what's it like?" Alex asked
"What's what like?" I was confused at what he meant.
"Having Gerard Way as your Dad of course!"
"I'm still getting used to it, but so far I gotta say it's been pretty awesome!" I admitted. They clearly realised that they shouldn't enquire too much about how it had all come to pass as they let the subject drop. They all seemed nice, I thought as they continued to chat to me, and I was glad that I had found some friends it would have been horrible otherwise! The day continued uneventfully and soon the bell was ringing to tell us to bugger off. As I walked out talking to Amy and Ellen I saw Frank standing by Dad's car in the car park and when he saw me he ran over, waving his arms in the air as he did so.
"Oh dear lord." I managed to get out before he reached us and pulled me into one of his back breaking hugs.
"See, I knew you would get through the day alive!" he told me whilst letting go. Amy and Ellen looked surprised but excited by this turn of events.
"Are you gonna introduce my to your friends?" Frank prompted with a grin.
"Amy, Ellen this is Frank" I said awkwardly.
"We know" Amy managed to choke out with eyes wide as plates.
Ellen seemed to burst."ItisamazingtomeetyouIamamassivefanandIthinkyouareawesomeandIneedtostoptalkinglikethisbutIcan'tandpleasehelpmeTammy!" I clamped my hand over her mouth and she looked at me gratefully while me and Amy snorted with laughter and Frank just stood there looking slightly bemused.
"Sorry about that" Amy said nodding in Ellen's direction "she isn't normally so creepy!"
Frank laughed at that "It's okay. It's probably just because of my good looks and charm!"
"You wish!" I snorted giving him a shove. "We better be going. See you tomorrow you two!"
"Bye!" Amy said
"Adios Amy and Ellen!" Frank smiled. Ellen went bright red at that. As me and Frank started to walk off we heard Ellen groan "Kill me now. That was sooo embarrassing!" to Amy who laughed and replied with "But it was sooo funny!"
Frank then turned to me as we reached that car and giggled "So your friends seem nice!"
I sighed, hit him on the arm again and got in the car.

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