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A/N - Sorry for not uploading for a while. In case you haven't heard, Short Stack officially called it quits on 30/3/2012 so i haven't really felt like writing about them.
But... the show must go on. Just because SS no longer exists, doesn't mean their fanfics shouldn't :)
Now for a qoute from the SS front man himself, Shaun Diviney

"If you try to recapture yesterday, you will only lose tomorrow"
And he's so right. Long live Short Stack :)


So it turns out dad had gone out searching for dinner while I was with Andy. He’d gone further into the town and found a butcher. Dad loves cooking steak too, so of course he had to bring home two massive-ass T-bone steaks, quite literally the size of my face. They tasted sooooo good. Dad knows I hate really cooked meat, so he always makes it practically rare, just the way I like it.

“So, Ellie, we have to talk about school…” Dad looked at me questioningly. I bit my lip. I was so nervous. Starting at new schools was, like, one of my greatest fears. I hated it. I had been thinking about this really awesome, but complicated plan to get to stay at my old school. I suppose it was worth a shot.

“Well… dad. I was thinking…” I said super slowly. Dad gave me a look.

“What?” Dad questioned, looking uncomfortable.

“Well, I still really want to go to my old school, but wait! Let me finish!” I said quickly, as dad tried to object. This was the tricky part.

“I promise to get up super early, have really early nights and make sure I’m there every day!” I really wanted to go to the same school as my friends. Dad looked like he was going to disagree but he surprised me when he said,
“Okay.” He smiled.

“Yay!” I squealed, jumping up from the table and going to hug him tightly.

“But, you have to promise me that you’ll get enough sleep. I’m okay with this for now, but if you start to fall behind, we’ll have to sort something else out.” I nodded crazily and grinned.

“Thank you so much dad!” I squeezed him tightly again.

“Now go and pack your stuff for school, and find your uniform, I’ll iron it for you.” I giggled at the thought of dad ironing, but did as he said, and as promised, I did go to bed VERY early. I didn’t even get to watch Castle!

Next Morning


I snapped upright as I was rudely awoken by a loud banging on my door.

“What the f-“ Ouch. Really not necessary. What was the time anyway? The sun wasn’t even up. I looked at my phone, which told me that it was 4:16. In. The. Morning.

“Come on, get up. If you want to go to your old school then you’ll have to get used to early starts. Aren’t you glad you had an early night?” Dad greeted me cheerfully. How is it even possible for someone to smile at this hour of the morning? I’m pretty sure this still counts as night time!

“Ehhhhhhh.” I groaned and went to go back to sleep. Unfortunately that wasn’t going to happen. Dad had already planned ahead for this sort of moment and had an air horn out in a flash.


I jumped out of bed as quickly as I could and started gathering up my stuff for a shower.

“That’s more like it.” I could tell dad was enjoying himself. I was not. I went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I let the hot water run over my back, through my hair. This was my favourite part of the morning. It wakes you up gradually, rather than BAM! Like an air horn for instance.

Once I’d washed all of the conditioner out of my hair I walked across the hall to my room and found my uniform on the end of my bed. Thanks dad, I smiled to myself. I got dressed and realised that I was running really early. Wow, I thought. Getting everything done the night before really is a good idea. Who knew?

I walked down the hall to the kitchen to find dad, already making breakfast. Bacon and eggs, mmmmmmm. I never could be bothered to have breakfast in Sydney, but if it was going to be like this every morning, I could happily convert. I scarfed down the food, realising that I was starving.

“Come on Ellie, if you’re gonna get to school on time, I need to get you to the station by 5.30. At the latest.” Dad urged me as soon as I was done with breakfast. I just gaped at him.

"You want me to be catching trains at 5.30 in the morning, every day!?” I asked with wide eyes.
“Mm hm and 4.30 on band days.” Dad replied.
Oh my bajeezus, early enough?!

Skips Train Trip

I made up for my lack of sleep on the train that morning, 3 whole hours on public transport!
When I finally got to school, I walked down to my usual spot, underneath D block, and found Tori waiting with a massive smile on her face. I squealed and hugged her.

“Oh My Gosh! How’s Budgewoi?! Are there any majorly cute guys? Did you check out the beach? Is there a spare room for me to live in when I came and take over your house? There’d better be!” Tori ranted at me, all in one breath.

“Whoa, jeez, calm down. It’s great, yes there are SO many hot guys, I was only there for one day, so I haven’t been to the beach yet, I’m sure we can find a place for you to sleep... seeming as our house is GIGANTO!” I replied doubly fast.

She just grinned in response. The rest of the day went by with a hitch. I decided it probably wouldn’t be wise to tell anyone, especially Tori, about the guys back home just yet. It would cause too much trouble and nothing was really certain. I was still pretty confused about the whole situation.

As I arrived home I realised the removal van was gone. I walked up the front steps and knocked on the door. I still didn’t have my own keys cut. Dad opened the door with a smile on his face.

“Hey, how was your day? I see you made it there and back in one piece.” Greeted dad.

“Yeah. It was a pretty long day. I’m glad to back home.” I sighed. Doing this every day was going to get really old, really fast. He hugged me and closed the door behind me.

“Go and get changed, we’ll go find somewhere to get dinner.” I realised I was starving and nodded in agreement.

I figured it was late and we wouldn’t run into too many people, so I just got my jammie pants on with my uggies. I very nearly put on my Short Stack singlet (the one with Sven on, coz he’s the coolest :D) then reconsidered. I probably wouldn’t get to wear that all that often anymore.
So I went downstairs to go find dad. He was waiting at the front door all ready to go and gave me a funny look but didn’t say anything.

"What?" I laughed, walking out the door. He just shook his head, smiling.
We got in the car and started to head into town a bit further. Driving down the main street there wasn't much to choose from. There was a grocer, some italian restaraunt and a pizza place.

"Definately pizza!" I grinned. Dad sighed but parked the car outside the pizza place. We got out of the car and started to make our way inside.

"What do you want? We'll get one each." Dad asked.

"Anything with barbecue sauce." I grinned. Barbecue sauce is amazing! Tastes good with ANYTHING!

"Oh dear. Okay." Dad went up to the counter and ordered a barbecue bacon, and a supreme (Yuck :P) and payed the guy at the counter. I looked up at the guy and did a double take. Standing behind the register was the one and only, Bradie. I assumed he would have quit his job, being sort of semi-famous and all.

"Oh hey Ellie." He waved, smiling.

"Hi." I smiled and waved back, blushing. What was wrong with me? He's my next door neighbour, whatever this was I'd better get over it soon.

When our pizza's were ready i went to go get them, waving goodbye to Bradie with my spare hand, and left for the car. I didn't realise until we got home that he'd snuck in a garlic bread too.

I went to bed straight after dinner, preparing myself for yet another exausting day tomorrow.

So there's our next chapter :) I haven't gotten any feedback whatsoever, that's a bit depressing, but i'm gonna keep uploading even if it's just for me :) I love writing this stuff, it's fun and i hope at least one other person will enjoy reading this :)

Spiderman electric toothbrush anyone?? Anyone?? Yeaaahhh i have one :D haha

Xx Ellie
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