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the great memories...and the terrible future part 1

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VIOLENCE cried ehen written

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"Well," i giggled taking gerard's left hand and stared at the siver bands that adourned our ring fingers. "I feel this get away wasnt for mikey."

"Your darn tootin," he laughed with me. "For my one and only true love."


he kissed my nose, "Lets go to central park tomorrow."

"our first official date we went to the park near the high school," i sighed taking in the memory. it was a week after i asked him to be my boyfriend, and on that day we bunked school and cuddled on the slide, talking about everything and any thing. it was indeed a great day.

"Remember prom?" he chuckled kissing my cheek. "when lyn-z was voted prom queen and you, surprisingly, prom king?"

"Yeeeees,you were so dapper in your tux," i swooned. "i wished you were my queen."

"Why? I was fat, really fat."

"You, my beautiful Gerard, were are and always will be a teddy bear. not fat."

"whatever," he smirked pecking my lips. we were currently laying on the bed, while mikey (with his new unicorn "The Awkward Kneed Christopher tony wolstenholme but a unicorn petey panda brenny bear bob bandit cherry lily miles torero unicorn loving gay way jr ((bobbert kept the rest of his name)) keeping him safe) was sound asleep on the floor.

"Gerard Arthur Way, when your FIANCE gives you any compliment he does not desere a 'whatever' young man," i said as serriously as i could. "now give me the correct response."

"oh my wonderful amazing frankie, i love you twenty times more i ever did just because you dindt call me fat," he swooned kissing my cheek after every word.

"Remember when we met?" i whispered holding onto his shirt with fear life.

"I am still and forever will be sorry for that," he half cried.

"i know gee-gee. bur i was so terrified that i didnt go to school at all."

"and i thought that by the way i hurt you, you were gonna end it."

"Gerard, if i had the chance id end my days with you."
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