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The white motorbike

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Party Poisons pov
“so you fucked her” Frank said.
“yes” I said poking the fire with a stick
“was she your first?”
“no” I mumbled.
“were you hers?” he asked.
“how the fuck am I supposed to know? Its not like I asked her ‘hey have you fucked anyone before’”
“well it just something that is nice to know”
“hey Fun Ghoul” I said
“did you fuck someone before you met Desert Heart?”
“who….” I faded away, I could hear something, like a motorbike engine, I stood up. “shh”
I listened as it came closer, It sounded familiar when it got clear I could make out it was a white motorbike. Hey! Wait our bike is white, I could easily see the small body and long hair… it was Delusional Alive. She came to a stop just a few meters in front of me “hello, hello” she said.
“what are you doing here?”
“why? Don’t you want me here?”
“I want you here, its just that you’re not in a good shape to be here.”
“oh, please from what happened a few hours ago you know I can stay” she walked past me dragging her hand across my chest, she sat down next to Jet Star. He looked at her, “I told you to stay home” he said.
“and I didn’t listen, seriously I don’t I do what I please, when I please”
“im not god I am Delusional Alive” she smiled.
“you’re an idiot” I said sitting down next to her
“but im your idiot” she kissed my cheek. We sat around talking about The Better Living industries for a good hour or two.
“you know, I personally have always wonder whats under that mask” I said stretching.
“so have I, like I don’t even think it could be one”
“yeah, I reckon their robots and, they don’t have faces”
“well next time we shoot one we’ll take off their mask and check” Delusional Alive said poking the fire with a stick.
“Hey did you guys have fun last night?” Fun Ghoul raising his eyebrows.
“do you want to punched in the face?” she asked him
“no I don’t, well did you?”
“piss off” I muttered.
“was he your first?”
“you don’t have to answer him if you don’t want” I whispered to her.
“no” she stared into the fire, her cheeks were going red. Was she lying or is that just something girls don’t like to be asked.
Everyone else went to sleep but me and Katherine stayed up on guard, there wasn’t much guarding going on I can tell you that much, I was on the ground with her sitting on my groin kissing me. I moved my hand down over her neck, In the light of the fire I could see the bruise growing where I bit her. I kissed it and she froze “whats wrong?” I asked.
“shh” she said peering her head up, then she stood up at lightning speed “wake everybody up”
“whats wrong?”
“cant you hear the car” she said walking over to Frank and shaking him “wake up” it didn’t do anything “hey wake up” she slapped him.
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