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the real truth and no more lies

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everything falls apart in this chapter

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Delusional Alives pov

Once everyone was awake they all got In the car I got on the motorbike and we all took off into the night. As the night went on the sun started to rise and I could make out who was in the car now, there was two dracs in a white car, two S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W’s on a motorbike each and then there was one black car left, I couldn’t get a really good look but from what I could see he didn’t have a mask on. We got a safe distance we pulled up. “Who’s in the black car?” I managed to puff out.
“korse” Jet star said poking his head from behind Kobra Kid.
“I thought he never comes out of the HQ” I muttered quiet confused, “wait can you hear that?” I asked.
“wha- shit go go GO!” Party Poison said starting the car again, I stayed behind on the motorbike, only because I couldn’t get it to start. One of the S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W’s came right up next to me “HI!” I yelled to it.
“ALIVE! SHOOT IT! DON’T TALK WITH IT!” Fun Ghoul yelled from the car, he had the top half of his body sticking out of the sun roof.
“RIGHT SORRY!” I pulled out my raygun and shot it. He went tumbling off to the side, I stop to look at it, there was a flame “OH MY GO ITS ON FIRE!” I took off after the car, I looked back waiting for it to explode “come on!” I yelled, a few seconds later there was a massive bang and flames blistered up into the air. I took off again after the trans am well I followed the dust. When I reached them they were all sitting on the car, but Kobra he was sitting on a rock.
“what was that?” Fun Ghoul asked.
“the motorbike blew up”
“and you had to stay back and watch?”
“hey what can I say, im a fire bug” I turned the bike off, and sat there watching Gerard play with Grace, he played with her hair and started to take the badge out of her jacket.
“leave them their mine” she said, pushing his hand away.
“hey I gave them to you”
“exactly you gave them to me, so their mine not yours” she smiled taking the badge out of his hand trying to do it back up but she couldn’t. I walked over to her and helped her put in back on “just ignore him, he just wishes he had some” I smiled up to him.
“oh yes, very jealous” He said nodding his head, as she walked over to Kobra kid. I walked back to the bike and sat down facing the back, Gerard sat facing the front, “hey look im sorry I went off at you when you came here, it’s a good thing you did I think if I was away from you for a week, I would go insane” he said. I started to kiss him, his tongue sliding into my mouth.
“guys don’t have sex on the motorbike, we can see everything” Fun Ghoul said, I pulled away from Party Poison.
“for the tenth millionth time do you want me to punch you in the face?”
“hey you two should give it a rest because I know that you won’t win, I will” Poison said putting his hand on my waist and kissing my collarbone.
“we said no sex!” Grace yelled.
“well I think we should get a move on and get back on the road before the Dracs find us” Kobra said, jumping down from the rock he was sitting on and opening the door, “are you gonna drive or stay on the bike?” he asked.
“um you can drive” he looked into my eyes. I turned around and started the bike up, we followed the car, he wasn’t holding on to my waist anymore. He was press right up against me and his hands were wrapped around the inside of my thighs and he was kissing me neck. “hey look im sorry I bit you!” I heard him yell over the noise of the engine. I pulled over and turned the bike off I twisted the top half of my body and kissed him.
“its okay, you know the next time I’ll get you”
“next time?” he asked almost sounding shocked.
“well yeah, I hope we can do it again” I started the bike up again and followed the road “keep your eyes open for them, I didn’t watch where they went”
“okay” his hands were on the inside of my thighs again and his lips were on my neck. We found the car again behind a massive rock Kobra Kid was sitting on a rock slouched down.
“is your brother okay?” I asked him.
“well yeah I think so, he is just a very quiet person, he likes to be on his own”
“I think im gonna go talk to him” I got off the bike and crawled onto the rock and kneeled down next to him “Kobra are you okay?” I asked placing my hand on his back.
“He’s so different around you, I can see how happy you make him, I never thought he would get over it” then he opened his eyes wide like he wasn’t allowed to say that”
“it” I said sitting down
“Mikey Way, tell me”
“no Gerard told me not too”
“Mikey tell me before I go to him and ask” I started to stand up.
“wait no no” he grabbed my hand and yanked me down.
“tell me Mikey please”
“awww I can’t believe im doing this, well you see Gerard was once married and he had a daughter”
“had as in past tense”
“yeah well that’s the thing she- they both kinda- well” he couldn’t finished
“died” I finished for him.
“yeah, the died with Sarah same time”
“Oh wow now I feel kinda awkward” I sat staring down at Gerard.
“well just don’t bring it up, he doesn’t really like to talk about it but still im clad he found someone like you. Someone who can make him smile like that”
“Mikes I don’t think anyone would like to talk about that stuff”
“well please don’t he’ll kill me”
“one more question”
“how long ago was this?”
“second load of bombs”
“I know that, but I can’t remember how long ago was that?”
“five years ago”
“okay, thanks Mikey” I stood up and started to climb down.
“hey look, If you’re worried about being his rebound don’t. One because he has had enough time to get over it, and two Gerard has never been like that” he was standing up and looking down at me. I smiled to him, I got down and walked over to Gerard.
“from what I just saw it looked like Mikey was Scar and you were Mufasa and he was about to throw you off the cliff” Gerard said kissing my cheek. What the fuck Is Scar and Mufasa.
“what?” I asked.
“Scar and Mufasa, the lion king”
“You’ve lost me”
“ You don’t know who Scar and Mufasa are?”
“No” should i?
“everybody knows the lion king” he said, looking so shocked it was kinda funny.
“there’s things in my past that I can’t remember” I said
“what like you know that something is there, but you just can’t think of it or you just cant remember?”
“to tell you the truth I can’t remember much before I met you at all”
“do you think you were drugged by the better living?”
“I don’t know like I said I don’t remember much”
“you can tell me anything y’know”
“there’s things I don’t want to tell you, can we just leave it there?”
“cool, well I gotta go talk to Frank” I walked away from him and went to Frank staring out into the desert “Frank” I said “come take a walk with me” I grabbed his wrist softly and dragged him out I let go and he started to walk beside me.
“Mikey told me something’s that im not allowed to know”
“Gerard was married and he had a little girl”
“aww Mikey we told him not to talk about that stuff”
“Look Frank it doesn’t bother me one bit” that was true it didn’t really “I just really wanna know what he did when they died”
“we don’t know what went through his head, all we know is that he disappeared for almost two weeks then came back and acted like nothing ever happened” he said as I sat down he sat down a few seconds after me.
“and he’s said nothing since” I was still confused “even when we were talking about Sarah he didn’t act different”
“we don’t understand him”
“I don’t understand you” I said looking up into the sky.
“what did I do to you to make you hate me when we first met?”
“well I didn’t want him falling in love again because I didn’t want to see him get hurt again”
“but seeing you three guys happy with the girls didn’t that hurt him even more?”
“he had Grace, that’s why they have a bond that is impossible to break and plus theres something about that just didn’t seem right and still doesn’t”
“look Frank I trust you with anything, but the thing that doesn’t seem right about me is my deepest darkest secret and I don’t even trust myself with it”
“well that says something”
“its true, I can’t trust myself with it. Want to tell you now, the only other person that knows is Violent Stardust”
“speaking of her, why did you kill?”
“she was gonna kill me”
“it goes to show she was an undercover scientist of the Better Living” just make up the lies as you go along.
“how do you know that?”
“just before she shot me, she said she was sent by Korse”
“wow, good thing we didn’t tell her everything”
“yeah” we sat and staring at the heat ripples in the air.
“well I think I might go back now” Frank muttered after 6 minutes of staring.
“mm” was all I said. Should I tell them? Well I mean the worse they could do is kill me then that would make Gerard miserable, I mean they’ll find out sooner or later right.
Oh shut up your talking to your self again
No im not Im talking to you
Hey genius I am you
Oh right that’s it im gonna tell him.
Ok I’ll be at the funeral
Hey its gonna be your funeral too
“Katherine are you okay” a voice said, I jumped and turned around and saw Gerard coming over to me.
“im fine”
“Frank said your going insane”
“um that could be true”
“ do you want to talk about it”
“away from here, come for a walk with me”

Party Poison’s pov

“Scar and Mufasa, the lion king” I said
“You’ve lost me” Katherine shook her head
“ You don’t know who Scar and Mufasa are?”
“everybody knows the lion king” ok where has this girl been?
“there’s things in my past that I can’t remember”
“what like you know that something is there, but you just can’t think of it or you just cant remember?”
“to tell you the truth I can’t remember much before I met you at all”
“do you think you were drugged by the better living?”
“I don’t know like I said I don’t remember much”
“you can tell me anything y’know”
“there’s things I don’t want to tell you, can we just leave it there?”
“cool, well I gotta go talk to Frank” she walked away.
“Toro” I said.
“yo” he had Grace hanging off his shoulder.
“that needle could that do anything to her memory?”
“no why?”
“I think she’s been drugged by Korse by managed to escape” i watched her.
“I never thought of asking her?”
“well she just said she can’t remember much before she met us”
“well she might have”
I climbed the rock her and Mikey were sitting on earlier, I watched her talk to him and then they sat there and stared out into the distance. After a while Frank got up and walked back to the car, he looked out at me.
“Your girlfriend is going insane” he said looking up at me “better go talk to her”
“Okay” I watched her for another few seconds. I slid down on my ass and walked over to her. “Katherine are you okay?” I asked her, I know I scared her she’ll try and cover it up.
“im fine”
“Frank said your going insane”
“um that could be true”
we walked off hand in hand. “ do you want to talk about it”
“away from here, come for a walk with me”
“if my deepest darkest secret was something that would put you and Grace in danger, would you want to kill me?” she asked.
“I’d never want to kill you” never in a million years.
“you’re gonna change your mind I’ll tell you this”
“tell me what?” now im starting to feel sick.
“im not from zone 18”
“okay so you’re not from the zone you said you were what the big deal?”
“im not from any Zone”
“wait what?”
“im not a real killjoy for crist sake” she looked like she was about to cry.
“Katherine, what is going on?”
“Korse sent me to trick you” she whispered.
“he sent me”
“no” I couldn’t feel my body.
“I couldn’t do it, I fell in love with you and I couldn’t bear to be away from you whenever I wasn’t near you I thought Korse would come and take you away from me-“
“JUST SHUT UP!” I yelled at her. Her eyes became wide and tears began fall “I CAN’T BELIEVE I WAS SO STUIPD! THE MOMENT I LET MY GUARD DOWN SHE COMES AND BITE ME IN THE ASS!”
“I said listen!” her hand swung forward and punched me. “I only told you because I didn’t want you to find out In a way that could break your heart! Mikey told me that you had a wife and daughter!”
“Mikey told you?”
“well I kinda forced it out of him” she shrugged her shoulders.
“I suggest you get out of here before Korse does come” ok that was hard to say.
“ I can help you though”
“you’ve helped enough”
“Please, Gerard let me help” she begged.
“we don’t need you anymore, I don’t want you anymore” and now I feel like dying.
“you don’t want me anymore?”
“I did want you, now I don’t” I muttered. She started to walk away she didn’t say another word I watched her get a safe distance before I sat down. “IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT!” I yelled. I sat there with my head between my knees and then I finely got up and started to walk back to the car.
“we thought you headed off to have some more se…. where’s Katherine?” Frank asked.
I took in a deep breath “she told me her deepest and darkest secret.”
“which was?” Toro asked.
“MIKEY! How dare you tell her about LynZ and Bandit!” I roared at him.
“well I didn’t mean to it sorta slipped out” he said innocently.
“sorta slipped out! The bloody girl works for the Better living!”
“what!” the four of them said, I looked to Grace she was staring at me just like everyone else.
“Korse had a plan to trick us and he was using her to get to us”
“no she would never” Grace said, now crying.
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