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the first dream come to life

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Delusional alives dream becomes reality

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Delusional Alives pov

Well he didn’t kill me.
You’re better off dead
You’re talking about yourself there
Shut up. I looked around I was all by myself it was just me and my radio, I turned in on and Dr death defying’s voice was speaking very softly “alright motorbabies we have been betrayed by someone very close to us and we all feel as we can never trust an outsider again-”
“oh im a fucking outsider now am i?”
“- so here is a little song that I hope she is listening to now this Revenge by Mindless self-indulgence.” The music started to play, I didn’t stop walking.
I was walking for hours on end then finely another sound besides the radio and my footsteps, I stopped and turned around there was a car and a motorbike speeding past about 100 feet away, then close behind them there was a black car. I stared after them, the person riding the motorbike looked back at me, it was Mikey. “FUCK!” I screamed, I started to run after them, I had no chance of catching up but I had to do something. I ran after them no sooner than five minutes later I’d lost them. I walked for another hour or so when I came across a motorbike, I lifted it up off the ground to see if I can start it. After 6 tries I got it to start I went the way the cars went, I was on the road for what felt like forever, I came across smoke. I got off the bike and pulled my ray gun out and walked towards them I didn’t realize any of them.
“well what is this” somebody said, “the young lady Dr Death-defying was talking about”
I gasped and turned around, I don’t remember anything else. When I woke there was a bright light shining down my face
“so tell us you little bitch what did Korse sent you to do!” The same girl.
“Please no, I don’t mean to do this I was made!” I screamed, the blade cut my stomach I already had marks all over it, to my left there was a girl that I have seen before, I looked back to the front, I think it was the front, “tell me bitch, korse sent you!” he yelled pulled my hair.
“please it hurts so much-” the door busted opened. I looked and saw a face that almost made my heart give way. Party Poison was standing at the door by himself with his ray gun held up.
“Poison” I breathed out. He shot the three people standing around me. He walked up to me and un tied me.
“look at me” he said, I looked at him. “I didn’t come back for you, they would of killed you after they got the information from you, I don’t want you to die”
“but why did you come back?”
“Because I don’t want you to die, after what you did you don’t deserve to die, you need to suffer” he got up and walked out, I just laid there, waiting to die.

Party Poison’s pov
3 months have gone past since I saved Delusional Alive, I don’t even know if she is still alive there was a small part of me that hoped she was dead and a large part of me that wished she was alive. I hardly ever spoke a word I didn’t eat that much and I missed her like crazy.
We were driving around again and Korse was chasing us again and he just would go away, after a while the car ran out of gas, we all ran off, I felt as I was being watched I looked around and something caught my eye, something behind that rock just moved. “Guy’s go left” I put my finger to my lips and pointed to the rock, they walked away as I pulled my gun out. I peered my head around the side and saw something go around the other side, I went around that side, and then I saw it Delusional Alive was standing there with her ray gun held up at me.
“Katherine” I said, she didn’t look like Katherine though. Her face was pale, under her eyes were black, she was so skinny It was making me feel sick. But her stomach had a bulge in it.
“that’s right”
“what happened to you?”
“ive been attacked five times by other fucking killjoy since you saved me from the first group, and ive been walking around since then, Ive hardly had anything to eat, plus ive been eating for two now, that’s right im pregnant with your second child and im not even sure if its still alive”
“second child” I whispered.
“yeah are you happy now?” she hissed, “cause when its born, you can take it, I don’t want it!” she began to walk away, but I grabbed her arm and pulled her back and smashed my lips to hers. She pulled away.
“what the fuck?” she asked.
“I never stopped loving, I was pissed off and in shock, I didn’t mean any of it, im so sorry, im so so sorry” I babbled out. She kissed me again.
“its okay”
And the way it felt It was okay, or until we came back to reality.
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