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Tammy has music first and discovers something about her new friends.

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I couldn't stop myself from writing another chapter today, so here you go my lovelies!

The next morning I flung on some green skinnies and a plain black tee and converse before carefully putting on my sun and making my way downstairs.
"Yo sunshine!" Dad greeted me
"I thought it was look alive sunshine?" I giggled
"True but you already look pretty alive. To be honest you seem far too alive for this time in the morning!" He passed me a coffee and went to grab himself some toast.
"So what time do you need to be picked up from Amy's?"
"9 if you could"
"Okay hopefully I'll be able to make it, but if I can't I'll send your Uncle instead." I nodded and thanked him. When we were done we headed off to school, we pulled into the car park and I gave him a hug goodbye.
"See you later!" I called behind me as I made my way into school. Once I got in I spotted Tom and he waved me over.
"Hey Tammy love the sun!" I blushed
"Thanks Ray and Christa gave it to me!"
"That is so awesome." he said in an awed voice. He quickly regained his composure "So we got music first. You looking forward to it?"
"Hell yeah! I haven't had much time lately and this is gonna be so much fun!" We were then interrupted by the bell and we headed off for music. Once we got there we greeted the other three all of who freaked out over my sun.
"I am so referring to you as sunshine from now on. Alex informed me grinning and before I could respond we were interrupted by a very rushed looking man who must have been in his late 40's.
"Okay class I have a meeting to attend so if you could just spend the class working on your various musical endeavours..." and before we knew it he was gone again!
"Told you so!" Alex poked me.
"Okay I wanna hear what you can do Tammy." Amy said forcefully.
"Yeah sing it for us sunshine!" Alex said poking me again.
"Okay what shall I sing though?"
"Ohhh you so should sing one of your Dad's songs." Tom suggested.
"OMG you have to!" this was Ellen. Seeing that there was no way they would let this go I sighed.
"Okay. Alex could you play I don't love you for me?"
"Sure thing sunshine!" He got out his guitar and started to strum. Taking a deep breath I closed my eyes, opened my mouth and began to sing the song.

Well, when you go
Don't ever think I'll make you try to stay
And maybe when you get back
I'll be off to find another way

And after all this time that you still owe
You're still a good-for-nothing I don't know
So take your gloves and get out
Better get out while you can

When you go would you even turn to say
"I don't love you like I did yesterday"?

Opening my eyes I realised the entire class had turned to stare at me.
Alex let out a low whistle before speaking. "Blimey sunshine you sure did pick up your Dad's singing genes."
"That was incredible. You have to join our band!" Amy cried.
"Wait. What band?!" seriously confused.
"Oh did we forget to tell you?" Ellen asked
"Yeah it would appear so."
"We have a band and we need a singer. Happy coincidence or what?" Alex laughed. I smiled to myself; the idea of being in a band with my friends sure did seem appealing.
"I'd love to do it!" I smiled
"Seriously you NEED to chill." Amy growled "You are so killing our cool"
"Yeah because cool is so the best word to describe us!" Tom said, voice dripping with sarcasm.

After school
We walked to Amy's as she only lived about 10 minutes from school and once we got in she led the way down into her basement where they had a drum kit, several amps and a mic set up. In one corner was also a sofa, mini fridge and an ancient looking TV.
"Welcome to the den!" Amy laughed whilst gesturing around the room.
"This is so cool." And it really was, I could totally see myself getting used to this.
"I'm glad you like it since this is where pretty much all our practice sessions take place!"
"So what sort of stuff do you guys play?" I asked while accepting the can of diet coke Alex was offering me from the mini fridge.
"At the moment it's mostly covers but we are trying to write some of our own material." Amy answered.
"I have some lyrics but I'm no good at writing music to go with them."
"Well we can help with that!" Ellen laughed. "This is gonna be amazing!"
"So are we gonna play some music or stand around here yapping all day?" Tom said excitedly.
We then started to play a mix of our favourite songs before stopping to just relax, watch TV and chat.
"So do you write a lot of lyrics Tammy?" Tom asked
"I used to before..." I stopped and took a second to steady myself. There was no way I wanted to talk about THAT now. "Before I came here. But I haven't had a chance to since and I left all my old ones in England. But I think I’m gonna try and write again, just singing again and being around music like this has given me ideas!"
"Well I can't wait to hear them!" Ellen assured me with a smile.
"I'll let you know once I’ve got some done and you can try and figure out a tune if you like them!"
"I knew we were onto a winner with you sunshine." Alex said grinning at me, he then got a mischievous look in his eyes and I knew that he was about to do something. I was right before I had a chance to react he suddenly jumped at me and started tickling me, I squealed and tried to escape but he was too strong for me.
"Ellen help me!" I cried but she was too busy laughing to help! Amy on the other hand had gotten an idea herself and grabbed a cushion off the couch before using it to smack Alex over the head. It distracted Alex for long enough that I was able to grab my own cushion and start to hit him myself in revenge! The following Pillow fight took place between me and Amy vs. all the others, they beat us as I’m sure you could guess.
"That was so not fair!" Amy moaned
"Yeah you outnumbered us!" I added, backing her up.
"Well you should have thought of that before you started it!" Alex teased Amy instead of answering him she just gave him the finger which he stuck his tongue out to.
"You two are so immature!" Ellen giggled.
"Hey I can't help it it's just he's like my guitar idol! How would you feel if Mikey Way were to turn up on your door step?" She asked
"That's different. I play bass and bassists are way cooler."
Tom just snorted before adding "Both of you shut up. We all know you would be at a loss without my drumming SKILLS." This quickly dissolved into another pillow fight all against all this time. We only stopped when we heard the doorbell go off upstairs and we all raced up to answer it since Amy's parents were out. Amy got there first and she opened the door to find none other than my Uncle Mikey standing on her doorstep.
"Hey I'm here to pick up Tammy?" He said
"Oh this is just too good." Alex grinned.
Amy started to shake before laughing hysterically and saying a bit too loudly. "Oh she's just here..." it seemed her self control ran out then because she suddenly went "YOU ARE MY BIGGEST INSPIRATION AND I LOVE YOU." Me, Ellen, Tom and Alex burst out laughing then and Alex high fived me.
"Oh revenge really is sweet!" Ellen exclaimed gleefully. I the pushed my way through to the door and turned to say bye to Amy who was now bright red and looking very embarrassed.
"See you guys tomorrow!" I said waving to them as we left the house.
"Was that the girl who freaked out over Frank?" Uncle Mikey asked looking amused.
"Nope. You just had the pleasure of meeting Amy! The one who freaked out over Frank was Ellen. It's just that Amy plays bass as well!"
"ahhh I see!" He said "And do they all play instruments?"
"Yeah. Tom plays drums, Alex and Ellen Guitar and Amy plays bass. I wouldn't worry too much about them turning creepy EVERY time you meet them though it was probably just because it was the first time!"
"I'm glad to hear it! So are we gonna be meeting them a lot more then?"
I thought about it for a moment before replying "you know what? I think you will!" Because that's what you do when you have friends, and I now most certainly did!
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