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Ridiculously Green

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One of Tom's friends make a bit of a splash.

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Saturday morning I woke up crying like I did every morning. My nightmares always ended the same way, me walking into the kitchen and seeing my mum dead on the floor. Today I couldn't take it. I quickly dressed in some shorts and an oversized shirt and ran downstairs saying that I was going to the park. On my way there I grabbed a coffee from Starbucks and found a tree far away from the path to sit under. I took out my lyrics book and tried to experiment with some tunes for one of the songs, or the chorus at least.

I was in the dark all alone
Until you came and saved me
Now with a smile on my face
Sunlight breaks through the clouds again
Because of you I hurt no more

"Hey Tammy! Are those some of the lyrics you mentioned?" I jumped and looked up to see Tom and some other boy I didn't know grinning down at me.
"Yeah they are. Who's your friend?"
"Oh this is Drew!"
The other boy smiled at me and I couldn't help but notice his eyes were ridiculously green. I mean seriously, he had to be wearing weirdo lenses or something!
"Nice to meet you Tammy!" He gave me another smile and this time I couldn't help but smile back. They came and sat down with me and we started to discuss possible band names, well when I say we I mean Tom and Drew. I was busy being a creep and staring at Drew. Other than the eyes he had dark brown hair and pale skin, to be honest pretty standard, but his eyes were enough to make rest of him special too. It was kinda weird actually! He then turned to me and caught me looking at him; I blushed, he smirked.
"So Tammy." he began still smirking "do you have any name ideas?"
"Well only a couple. I thought maybe Forever Rose or maybe Car Crash Hearts?"
"What as in the Fall Out Boy lyric?" This was Tom
"Yeah!" A smile started to appear on Tom's face. Drew was nodding, a smile playing on his face too... he really did have a nice smile.
"You know what Tammy?" Tom asked
"I think we may have a name."
Drew still nodding added "A pretty kick-ass one too."
"Which one?" I asked
"Car Crash Hearts" Tom told me, a massive smile now on his face. "'this calls for a celebration. I'm buying you two ice creams!" And after telling us to stay where we were he ran off.
Drew turned to me that ever so slightly arrogant smirk returning. "Tom never mentioned his singer was this good looking." That just pissed me off. Who did he think he was using chat up lines like that? For that matter why did he think it would work on me?! Only the stupid cheerleader type girls find those attractive.
"Tom never mentioned his friend was an arrogant asshole either but I guess we all have our secrets..."
"Ouch that hurt!" he said smiling normally again. Fuck that smile.
"Good. You deserved it."
"Why are you being so mean to me?"
"Because you are annoying me."
"How can I make it up to you?"
"By pissing off."
"You sound so cute when you're angry!"
"Fuck off with the patronising comments and stop fucking smiling like that. It’s doing my head in!"
"What, smiling like this?" He gave me a big smile and winked. I blushed against my will and to make up for that I slapped him.
"Winking at me." he sighed and looked like he was trying to decide something.
"I'm sorry for being an ass." he started now looking serious and a little sad. "It's just that I'm so used to brainless cheerleaders I've forgotten how to treat a girl that isn't a slutty robot." I couldn't help but smile at that.
"How much has Tom told you about me?" I had to ask. Did he know who my Dad was?
"Only that your name is Tammy. I don't even have a surname!" Good that meant he didn't know about Dad.
"Well I've decided to be a woman of mystery so for now you won't get much more."
"How about a phone number?" I blushed again, what the fuck? I was turning into a blushing bimbo!
"Okay but don't go back into popular dickhead mode or I will have to murder you." I said whilst writing it down for him.
"I promise that no longer shall I use chat up line or patronising/ degrading comments."
"Well then I'm glad we got that sorted out!" I said just as Tom appeared carrying three ice creams.

Later on that Day
I was back home again now and helping Linds and Bandit make cookies. Dad was off at the studio so it was just us for the afternoon and we had decided to spend some time together. As we put the last batch in the oven I felt my phone receive a text.

What you up to mystery girl? Drew xxx I felt myself blush for what had to be the thousandth time that day.

Just baking some cookies with the family! You? Tammy xxx I didn't feel completely comfortable with putting three x's but he had so I figured I had to as well.

Helping my Dad out with some work... so dull but it helps to keep him happy! Drew xxx I was wondering if this conversation actually had a purpose when I got another text from him.

Are you doing anything tomorrow?" Drew xxx I violently blushed again and did so even more when I noticed Linds giving me an odd look... she was probably wondering why I looked sun burnt all of a sudden.

Ummm nothing. Tammy xxx I held my breath waiting to see what he said next.

Well then do you wanna go out tomorrow? I know a cafe I think you'll like! Drew xxx Fuck.

I guess so... what time and where? Tammy xxx

Meet me in the park at 1. Drew xxx I agreed though I’m not sure why. I had only just met him and for all I know he could be a rapist or something! I quickly pulled out my phone and texted Tom to make sure.

Is Drew a rapist?!?!?! Granted it would probably give him a bit of a shock but oh well it was info I needed to know!

No. And why?! An understandable question.

We are going out tomorrow.

OHHHH get you miss popular! You are such a player! What the fuck?

WTF? One OUTING (not date) and I’m now a player?

yes. Well I'm not replying to that. I shoved my phone back in my pocket and wandered through into the other room to watch some crappy TV whilst trying to figure out what had just happened.
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