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He's a banker...

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Drew an Tammy go on their "not date"...

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So I woke up the next day and swore remembering that I had agreed to meet with Drew. Why had I done that?! I was still in my pyjamas when Frank walked in holding a coffee for me and wearing a knowing smile on his face.
"What do you want?" I asked warily
"So I heard someone was getting a lot of texts and was doing a lot of blushing last night... I'm guessing these two things are related?" Oh great.
"Nahh the texts were just from a friend and I wasn't blushing I had simply made my coffee too hot."
"Sure. When are you meeting him?"
"I'm not."
"So there is a him!"
"No!" This was not going well.
"YOU ARE SO LYING! Look you're blushing!"
"No i'm not." I was.
"Can tell Tammy! Now you better get ready so you will look fabulous for your date!"
"It's not a date!" damn it Tammy!
"So you are going out with this guy!"
"Elementary dear Watson." He said winking at me and retreating out of the room as I threw a pillow at him.
I couldn't help but want to do what Frank said and make an effort but I tried very hard not to. I put on some faded pink skinnies, a 30 seconds to mars tee and green trainers. There not too dressy? As I went downstairs Frank giggled and winked at me again. I take back what I said about him being Sherlock Holmes, that was completely the opposite of subtle. Unfortunately Dad had noticed.
"What's going on you two?" he said sounding like he was scolding two six year olds.
"So who is he Tammy?" Dad asked
"A boy who is friends with Tom and may end up being friends with me at some point." Dad and Frank exchanged looks.
"She SO fancies him!" Frank giggled and Dad being the traitor he is laughed as well.
"Well then i'm gonna leave you two old ladies to giggle and gossip away to your heart’s content!" I then stormed out.
When I got to the park he was there waiting for me, he turned to me and smiled.
"Heya Tammy! you look great!" I blushed. For fucks sake at this rate I was gonna have to use face paint to cover them up!
"uhh thanks. So where is this cafe?"
"This way" he said pointing to our left. We started to walk and talk, he was suprisingly easy to talk to.
"Your little sister sounds really sweet!" He replied as I was telling him about Bandit (I called her B and said it was short for Beatrice as Bandit might have been a slight give away!)
"Yeah she is! She's only my half-sister though."
"Really? On your Mum's side or your Dad's side?"
"If you don't mind me asking what happened to your mum?"
"She died about a month ago."
"Shit. I’m sorry"
"It's okay I mean at least it meant I got to meet my Dad."
"What does he do?" Shit. I tried to think quickly of something to say then I remembered me and Dad's conversation on the first day of school.
"He's a banker." Drew looked a little deflated; I wondered if he could tell I was lying.
"Funnily enough so is mine!" Okay so I wouldn't be able to lie to him for long! We then arrived at this really quaint looking cafe and he led me over to a table in the corner. We both ordered a coffee and went back to talking.
"So what's your favourite colour?" I asked him
"Green. Are you gonna quick-fire questions at me?"
"Yes. Favourite ice cream flavour?"
"School subject?"
"TV show?"
"The Big Bang Theory."
"The Dark Knight or Sweeny Todd."
He paused for a moment before answering. "Nirvana."
"Good choice!"
"Why thank you! So do I meet your approval?"
"So far so good." We carried on talking for a couple of hours and I starting to think I really liked him. Granted when I had first met him he had been a douche but he hadn't been since which was good. We were leaving when I made up my mind. I was gonna tell him.
"Drew there is something I need to tell you."
"What is it?"
"I was lying when I told you my Dad was a banker."
"riiight... so what is he then?"
"He is a singer... in a band..."
"What band?"
"My chemical Romance."
"But... That would make your Dad Gerard Way."
"Exactly." Drew Just stared at me like I had slapped him again.
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