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Why didn't you tell me?

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How does Drew react to finding out about Tammy's Dad?

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Okay so if you know me in real life don't take the piss! (THAT MEANS YOU CHLOE!) Also thanks to anyone who has reveiwed so far! - Katy

"Why didn't you tell me?" he asked quietly seemingly still shocked.
"I was worried that if I told you when we just met you would only like me because my Dad was famous!" I felt like crying. Why had I told him?! I shouldn't have told him. Now I had ruined everything when it was going so well.
"Tammy..." he began, but I didn't want to hear it.
"No. look I understand you think i'm just some lying bitch but please I know what you are gonna say and I can't hear it. So let's just pretend you said it out loud and then we can both move on." I then started to run. I had to get away, I couldn't bear seeing his face and knowing that if I had handled everything differently today could have ended so much better. I could hear him calling my name from behind me but I ignored him.
"TAMMY I DON'T HATE YOU." sure you don't.
"TAMMY FOR FUCKS SAKE STOP AND LISTEN TO WHAT I AM SAYING!" That got my attention. I slowly turned round and came face to face with Drew who was standing behind me looking a little out of breath.
"Tammy I don't give a fuck that you lied about your Dad, I would have done the same thing if I was in your position!" I started to reply but he just put his finger to my lips, silencing me. "Tammy I like you for you. Your Dad could be Obama for all I care! We just met yesterday but today went so well and I want to keep on seeing you. So to be honest it's gonna take a lot more than you claiming your Dad is a banker rather than Gerard Way to put me off. So you see you're kinda stuck with me now." He then leant in and kissed me. I didn't respond at first since I was still stunned from his outburst but then my reactions kicked in and I kissed him back. It was strangely romantic considering we were in the middle of a fairly crowded street and we were attracting some attention from passers-by. I just ignored the wolf-whistles though; right now I was pretty distracted by Drew! When we broke apart he smiled at me, somehow managing to make my insides melt even more than they already had from the kiss, and brushed a strand of hair from my eyes.
"So do you believe me now?"
"Well as evidence goes that was pretty convincing..."
"Maybe you need longer to evaluate?" He said now chuckling.
"That would be useful if you think you could manage." He then kissed me again, and it seemed like my legs had turned to jelly. If he hadn't been holding me up i'm sure I would have fallen or something like that; blimey I was turning into a character from a book... talk about a cliché description! When this kiss ended we just hugged and despite the fact we should have been finding it awkward just standing there like that, it felt normal! A couple of old ladies smiled at us as they walked by.
"Young love!" one said to the other and they walked off laughing. That set me and Drew off too as we realised how ridiculous we must have looked. He took my hand and led me back to the tree in the park where we sat side by side talking. After a bit He suddenly looked a bit nervous.
"What's wrong?" I asked
"So does this mean we're like going out?" he asked me anxiously
"Do you want us to be?"
He looked me straight in the eye. His previous nervousness seemingly gone. "Yes."

Later that day
I skipped into the house to find the entire band plus Linds and Bandit sitting in the living room.
"Someone's happy!" Linds laughed
"I wanna skip too!" Bandit squealed getting up to join me. So we started to skip around the room, to be fair it was quite a large room.
"I am SO joining in with this!" Frank said before dashing over to us and joining in with our skipping train.
Laughing Linds got out her camera. "I have gotta get a picture of this!" and we saw a flash as she took the picture. I was getting tired since I had skipped pretty much the entire way home.
"I need to flop now." I announced before promptly falling onto the sofa next to Dad who laughed and gave me a hug.
"Why so cheerful? You haven't been eating skittles have you?"
"Nah i'm saving them for later. Me and Frank are gonna have a feast!"
"YAY!!" Frank yelled from across the room.
"Man tonight is gonna be crazy if that's true!" Dad laughed. Frank skipped over now holding Bandit who was giggling like mad and sat down cross legged in front of us.
"So i'm guessing your date went well?" He winked
"But..." he prompted
"Next time will be."
"TAMMY'S GOT A BOYFRIEND!" Frank shouted
"ohhh what's his name?" Ray started to question
"How did you meet?"
"Tom introduced me."
"So he doesn't go to your school?"
"No he goes to another one out of town."
"When do we get to meet him?" Linds giggled
"Not any time soon." I replied before they could get any ideas.
"Awww but as your family it is our responsibility to embarrass you in front of any boyfriends you get!" Uncle Mikey protested.
"No way."
"Yes way."
"OMG YOUR SURNAMES ARE BOTH WAY!" frank shouted and we all exchanged slightly baffled looks as him and Bandit fell about laughing.
"Are you sure skittles are a good idea when he's in this kind of mood?" Dad said with a raised eyebrow.
"Aww come on Dad it'll be fun!"
"YEAH come on Gee!" Frank added.
"You know what Frank? Let’s just go get skittle high!" and we both jumped up and skipped off towards the kitchen.

Two large bags of skittles later
"So does he know about Gee?" Frank asked. We were lying on my bedroom floor looking up at the luminous stars and moon I had stuck on my ceiling.
"Yeah I told him today... after telling him a lie at first."
"How did he take it?"
"At first I was terrified that he hated me for lying. But he stopped me and put me straight... he said he didn't care if my Dad was Obama he would still like me!" I sighed at the memory smiling lightly.
"That is so cute."
"Not as cute as later on when he got all nervous when asking me if we were officially going out..."
"Oh my god!"
"uh huh" I nodded
"Okay you have to like marry him!"
"FRANK i'm 15 you twat!"
"HEY i'm just saying that this guy is like perfect... almost as perfect as me in fact!"
"Don't be so full of yourself!" I chucked a teddy at him.
"DON'T BRING MR CUDDLES INTO THIS!" he said looking aghast.
"Okay, okay. Sorry Mr Cuddles!"
"Now me."
"No way. You deserved it!"
"Now that hurt."
"Hey Frank?" I suddenly had an odd idea
"Wanna have a space hopper race?"
"YES! I thought you'd never ask!"
We sprinted out to the garden full pelt and grabbed some space hoppers out of the shed. Everyone came out to see what we were doing.
"Tammy are you insane?!" Uncle Mikey yelled
"Nahh just bouncy!"
"Okay first from the house to the fence!" Frank told me. We lined up against the house and got ready.
"3, 2..." Ray counted us in "1. GO!!!" And we were off. I started to bounce as if my life depended on it but Frank and I were neck and neck. I realised that unless I did something soon it would be a draw... unfortunately so did Frank. He suddenly gave me a little push and I fell off of the hopper onto my bum. Frank reached the fence, leapt up and did a victory lap before launching into the Macarena.
"THAT WAS SO CHEATING!" I yelled at him, but I didn't really mind, it was quite funny actually!
"WE NEVER AGREED ON ANY RULES!" he stuck his tongue out "So as they say, all's fair in love and war."
"Well I don't know about you guys but I want a piece of Macarena action!" Uncle Mikey grinned and soon we were all doing the Macarena in the garden. We weren't being quiet either so i'm pretty sure the neighbours could hear the occasional cry of "HEYYY MACARENA!" followed by fits of laughter... they must think we are mad!
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