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The Current State of the Writer (And Other, oh so Important Images)

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Read. It'll help with the mental images.

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Oh hello there.

So yeah. Remember how I said some chapters are going to be missing? Well, that's already happening. Trying to work two chapters together... Gah. It's like trying to stitch through teflon. But, it is coming along, albeit slowly.

(So is Rebel Town, but you have to have patience there, you guys. That is slow work.)

The writer is writing. Poetry too. Yay, poetry. But who cares. It's this that's important. Well... I have some images for you, to help you out with imagining what everything looks like. We all know the desert, the Fab Four, and anything BLI... But you don't know much else. That's what this. Images for you.

Violet (quick painting, but hair helps) -!/SpliceInNarnia/status/194113331697684480/photo/1/large

Her truck -

The Black (before it became the Black and people were there and what not)-

Mr. Moonstruck-
lol no I'd have to make it

Vi's mask (Fuck yeah thoroughness but without all the words that should be on there)-

Just as references if you ever get lost.
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