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I Confess, I Messed Up

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Brendon needs to 'fess up.

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"Mr. Urie, is everything alright?" a nurse stood at my side.

"Fine," I mumbled, realizing that I had been screaming, "just a bad dream."

But it wasn’t a bad dream. It actually happened.

“Okay, Mr. Urie. Just call if you need anything.”

With that, the nurse left me in silence. I put my head in my hands. How was I going to talk to Ryan?

“You can start by looking at me.” I looked over at Ryan, who was now wide awake and watching me intently.

“Did I really say that out loud?”

“Yeah. What was all that screaming about?” I didn’t answer and he understood, “Oh.”

He looked away wordlessly, unable to say more. A thick silence settled in the hospital room. Neither of us spoke for a long time. Finally, Ryan looked back at me.

“I did it because of you.”


“Because... because you don’t love me.”

My heart sank. I always loved Ryan, I just never had the chance to tell him.

“Ryan, that’s not true.” I whispered.

I gradually got out of the bed and stumbled over to Ryan. His golden eyes were glowing with joy behind his chestnut locks. I climbed into his bed and brushed the hair out of his beautiful face. A smile threatened to pop off of his face, making me feel exactly the same.

“Really?” Ryan’s excitement made his question come out as a squeak.

“Ryan, I love you more than you can imagine.” I planted a light kiss on his cheek, feeling his pale skin turn to a rosy shade of pink beneath me.

"I-I-" I put a finger to his lips.

"Don't say anymore." Ryan nodded. He removed my finger with one hand and brought my face closer with the other. The gap between our mouths closed and his soft lips brushed against mine.

"I love you, Brendon." his warm breath was sweet against my tingling lips.

"I love you too."

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