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I'm going to kill some bitches. >:(

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SOMEONE hacked me and said that I won't be posting for a while. Whoever it was, I changed my password and deleted that little 'Author's Note' you left. I am not impressed. If you do it again, I'll be forced to take action.

The note left, previously called 'I Will Not Be Posting For An Obscene Amount Of Time', said that I had been caught having sex with Nathan in my house.

Un: THAT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. For fuck's sake, what made you think that would be funny?! Jesus.

Deux: Nate and I have not been caught doing anything because we HAVEN'T done anything. Not once. End of story. Period. La fin.

Trois: I have not been banned from my computer. Nate and I are currently writing the second chapter of Stay, so kindly keep the pranks to yourself.

If it happens again, I'm sending Voldemort after your anal virginity with Darth Vader as his sidekick. Also, I'll tell your mom.

DON'T FUCK WITH ME. We tiny people are violent.

Signed; a very pissed-off and bespectacled midget.
- Ben
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