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This is an old fanfic I wrote years ago where Spyro helps a group of powerful elemental creatures stop an ancient evil from taking over the world. Takes place after YOTD.

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Chapter 4

A few hours after Spyro lost sight of Sydney through the portal- she had taken refuge in a small crevice in a nearby cliff and managed to throw him off- he, Bianca, and Hunter were discussing the events that had taken place. Apparently, none of them knew exactly what Sydney's significance was to the E-hunters, but they knew that they would keep looking for her and that her presence may cause some trouble in the Dragon Worlds. The Professor, knowing that his lab was destroyed and Agent Nine went MIA somehow, needed to keep refuge here. Indeed, decisions were critical at this point, but they knew they didn't have much time to make them. They puzzled for a bit on their next course of action when a deep, womanly voice said, "Perhaps I could help…"

They turned and saw Tatum slowly striding towards them. Spyro and Hunter gave confused looks, but Bianca appeared winded at the sight of her. "Who are you?" Spyro asked her.

"You're the White Witch…!" Bianca said hoarsely.

"Indeed I am…"

"Hey, you're not like that other sorceress who commanded all those rhynocs, are you?" Hunter asked nervously remembering when the Sorceress had kidnapped him.

"No, but I do know of her misdeeds…"

"How do you know her?" Spyro asked Bianca.

"She's supposed to be well known throughout the sorcery community for her levels of magic!"

"Am I?" Tatum asked chuckling, "I suppose there are some who consider me extremely talented in such arts…"

"Well, what do you know about this whole ordeal with those guys in the jumpsuits?" Spyro asked.


"Can you tell us anything?" Bianca asked.

"Yes, but in order for you to grasp exactly what events are taking place and why, I must tell you an age-old tale first…"

"Okay…" Spyro said in a bored tone. I hate stories… He thought.

"Long ago… The world's elements: Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Thunder were but small orbs protected by an individual dragon for each… They were to make sure that no mortal or immortal being were to lay hands on them, except for one person: The Elements' Keeper… They lived in a long peace until a being of shadow and evil corrupted the lands they once lived in… This being sought to remove the Elemental Orbs from the dragons and destroy them to gain complete power over the entire world… It was only successful in removing four of the five orbs, though they were not yet destroyed, when the Keeper weakened the being beyond physical form and sent it into a realm of pure darkness… The Water Elemental Dragon survived, but the other Elemental Orbs had to find a new bearer… They were scattered throughout the world and soon found sanctuary in many different creatures… The Water Elemental Orb, however, was be passed down through generations after the previous bearer expired and this continued for the other Elements as well… The Keeper's position also passed through generations, but their tale does not end here nor will it as long as the orbs exist…"

"Interesting…" Bianca said.

" So because of some story, there are guys in jumpsuits looking for different elemental creatures they probably don't even know exist?" Spyro asked.

"Yes, but it is not just a story, they do exist…"

"But why would they want to destroy the world?" Bianca asked.

"Not destroy it, but rule it and I don't think it was their original intention… I believe the being of shadow, or someone much like it, has asked for their alliance in collecting the Elements and destroying them…"

"But what does this have anything to do with, Sydney?" Spyro asked.

"I don't normally tell many people such information, but I believe I can trust you…"

"Okay, so…"

"Sydney, is the direct descendant of the Water Elemental Dragon… Therefore, she bears the burden of the Water Elemental Orb…"

"No way!" Spyro exclaimed.

"Whoa…" Hunter said surprised. Bianca, however, stood there amazed beyond words. Tatum sighed, and Spyro asked, "How do you know all this?"

"Because I'm the Keeper of the Elements…"

Bianca went wide-eyed in awe, the others stood in a silenced stupor. Tatum looked away with a very serene expression on her face and saw Sydney giving her a look that said, 'How could you!'
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