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Let Me Go!

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Hannah sees "A" and action and finds out who the real "A" is landing her in the hospital with anesthesia and the girls try to jog up her memory...A character lands up in jail for "assault" and a un...

Category: Law & Order: SVU - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Horror,Romance - Published: 2012-04-23 - Updated: 2012-05-12 - 300 words

Spencer looked out the window as the rain fell over Rosewood with the explanation that Aria gave from the visit to Hideaway Motel the "A" trail was at a dead stop there were no clues leading to "A" at all no evidence the only thing they knew was that "A" was smart diligent and quick on their feet...She walked downstairs and saw Melissa making out with Garett on the couch..Melissa was laying on top of him as he layer on the couch..Spencer ignored and opened the fridge to take out a soda she popped it open and they both shot up..Melissa awkwardly shot up and ran to the bathroom.
" Hey Spencer!" Garett smiled..Spencer gave him a cold stare and slapped him across the face..
" You are one sick bastard!" She muttered to him as she left the house..Hannah and Aria walked towards Spencer's house as she stormed out.
" Spence whats wrong?" Hannah asked..She started to cry
" I found Garett and Melissa hooking up on the couch and I snapped on him!"
" Oh My God!" Aria yelled....Spencer turned around and saw the cop cars surrounding Spencer's house..
" What the hell!" She whispered...She jogged towards the house as the police officer walked up to her.
" Spencer Hastings you are under arrest for assault of a fellow police officer!" He said
They wrapped the cuffs around her hands as they pushed her in the back of the car!
" Help Me!" Spencer yelled, " Aria call my mom!" She yelled, " Tell her to come home NOW!"
Aria ran back to the house and yanked the door open she screamed Melissa was on the floor crying with blood all over the floor..
" Melissa!" Aria cried, " What happened!" She asked
" The baby!" She cried, " It's gone!" She yelled.......................
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