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! UnmAsked

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Melissa grieves her loss with the help of Aria and Hannah! Jenna gets in a bad predicament........A character dies Watch every final moment go down in the final part of the Season 3 finale that wi...

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Melissa cried as Hannah and Aria opened the room to her hospital there was a picture of a baby on the wall which made Melissa cry harder whenever she looked at it...Hannah walked over to the side of the bed.
" Melissa are you ok!" she asked, " I'm so sorry!" She cried..Melissa hugged Hannah as Aria's phone beeped over the crying..
" Uh Melissa it's Spencer!" Aria said patiently..Melissa tugged the phone out of Aria's hands.
" Spencer!" Melissa cried!," Are you ok?" She mumbled...An awkward silence came over the phone..
" I'm fine!", " Listen it's gonna be ok!" She cried...Melissa dropped the phone to the floor and fell to the ground..
" Please!", " Bring him back!" She cried...Aria brought Melissa up and hugged her.
" It's all gonna be all right!" Aria cried...Melissa got up and sat on her bed.
" Aria you're right!" She cried, " He's with daddy now!" She cried...Her eyes closed as she fell asleep on the chair..
" She must be exhausted!" Hannah said...She set a blanket over Melissa as she quietly fell deeper into her sleep!
" She's ok for how!" Aria mumbled, " Let's go!"

Aria and Hannah sat on the porch and watched as the cars raced by the sun gleamed down on Rosewood...
" I wonder how Spencer is doing?" Hannah asked..
" Yeah when she called I didn't get a chance to talk to her!" Aria exclaimed..
" Well her Mom should be in from Chicago on Monday I'm sure she will lay things out!" Hannah said
" Yeah I mean I'm not worried anyways she didn't do anything anyways so what can they charge her for without any evidence or anything!" Hannah said
" Well Garett is a fellow police officer so they might believe anything that comes out of his mouth!" Aria exclaimed, " And on top of that we were already accused of murder!" She said quietly..Hannah looked at a car racing down the block she looked inside and Jenna was in the
front Aria looked down the other side and saw another car coming they kept speeding towards each other...
" What the hell!" Hannah yelled.....
" Oh my god!" Aria yelled, " Jenna can't see where she is going!" Aria screame
" Jenna stop!" Hannah screeched trying to see if she would be able to hear..The car slammed into Jenna and her car flipped over turning over three times in the air and the car finally landed on the ground upside down...The gas tank exploded squirting gas everywhere the back of the car engulfed in flames it started to reach the front the doors birders open Jenna rolled out to the side of the street..Hannah screamed while Aria ran into the house to call 911 before Hannah could even think about moving her body the car exploded..Sending flames every which way Hannah ran into the house for protection..She waited a minute and ran back all she saw was black smoke she ran into the street covering her nose and mouth feeling for Jenna she finally felt her arm she slowly picked her up and ran towards the house with her an ambulance parked in front of Jenna's house as the black smoke started to clear off..The stretcher lifted Jenna into the ambulance as they started to drive away..Hannah waved to the ambulance for some unknown reason praying that Jenna would be ok!

Spencer had just gotten out on bail from Toby but she couldn't tell the girls or anyone else because she had some dirty work to do before she revealed herself to everyone....Spencer pulled up to Garett's apartment and walked in to find Garett completely wasted on the couch..
" Melissa is it you?" Garett asked with excitement!
" Yes baby!" She yelled as she kissed him on the neck and the lips
" I missed you!" Garett said as she kissed his neck more! Spencer quietly walked into the kitchen to get a sharp knife she chose a butcher and walked back into the living room...
" Guess what baby!" Spencer said, " Its Spencer you dick!" She yelled as she stabbed him in the arm...
" Shit!" Garett yelled..Spencer chased him around the house as Garett screamed
" I hate you!" She yelled..Garett fell to the ground and Spencer jumped on top of him he stabbed his eye and blood splattered all over her face...He stabbed his ribs 5 times and heard a pop...She finally finished him off and stabbed him in his dick..
" That's what you get for being a dick!" She yelled...She took a cloth and wiped off everything she touched including him....She grabbed his keys and hopped into his car and started to drive far, far, far away from Rosewood and she wasn't planning to ever come back...
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