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Continuation on the chapter "I am so sorry"

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Ellen's POV.

Yeah so Oliver just slapped me across the face! I thought he was my friend. Clearly not. He's aggressive. I don't know why he did that, he grabbed me close like he was going to kiss me or something, But I have a boyfriend! Bill. Me and Bill are together 3 years now. And not one thing can tear us apart. But me and Oli have been friends for 6 years, I don't want to ruin our friendship but he seriously hurt me, so yeah!

During the party

Ellen: Matt!! kisses on cheek glad you could make it! Bill will be delighted!!
Matt: Thanks Ellen. Looking forward to seeing him. By the way, looking well!
Ellen: laughs Thanks.

Bill walks in everyone shouts " SURPRISE ! " Bill gets surprised, and runs over to me and hugs&kisses me

Bill: Baby! did you organise this??
Ellen: Yes, Yes I did !!
Bill: This is AMAZING! Thank you!! all my friends are here! Best birthday ever.
Ellen: You're welcome babe. Sit back and enjoy the party!

Oliver walks over to me with a frown on his face, he came over to apologise again, I wasn't taking it. He shouldn't act like that to impress someone.

Oli: Ellen, listen to me, I'm so sorry. I really am.
Ellen: Well Oliver, get the fuck away from me, You seriously shouldn't of done that, Sorry's are just not good enough any more.
Oli: Ellen....

I walked away from him before he could finish his sentence.. I felt bad though
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