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Froze In our Memories

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I had a liiitle bit of writers block but not to worry xD

But im sorry to say this but

This is the second last chapter.

The next chapter i post will be the end.


Although it has been a good ride :3


Bria :

“FUCK FRANK YOUR ALIVE” I screamed running over to Frank and warping my arms around him in a tight hug, the tears were falling freely and rapidly down my face and I put no pressure on them to stop.
“Yeah, I am, I survived” Frank said hugging me back.
“But how are you-”
“Bria” Skylar interrupted.
“Yes” I said closing my eyes and taking a deep breath letting Frank free.
“You broke the commitment need I remind you and you have to pay the price” Skylar said
“I am aware, what do I have to do?” I said
“Bria I just got you back I am not -”
“Im sorry” I said interrupting Frank. I knew he cared about me and this is the first he has seen me in over 5 months.
“Your punishment is quite simple. Your punishment is death” Skylar said meeting my eye. My breath caught and my legs gave in. Slowly I fell to my knees, spaced out. All the memories I had lashing, racing to the front of my mind.
“WHAT?” I heard Ray, Frank and Mikey scream.
“She got it wrong the last time but I cant risk her again, so the obvious solution is execution” Skylar explained. My mind was only gathering little parts of the conversation going around me.
“You cant kill her!” Mikey shouted. I could feel the sadness building.
“We only got her back a week ago” Ray stated
“Im glad your alive” Mikey then stepped over to Frank pulling him into a hug along with Ray.
“I would rather myself die than Bria” He stated seriously
“Frank it was my fault and as a disciplined Dark Angel I have to pay my price which happens to be death, I cant change it and you cant. That’s the way it has to be” I said from the floor. My head bowed down in front of Skylar.
“Bria” I could feel that he was going to cry which made my heart hurt even more.
“Coincidence” Rachel muttered. Gerard was frozen on the spot.
“You shut the fuck up before I seriously hurt you” I muttered my eyes burning holes in Rachel’s. Without another word she walked away.
“Death” Gerard said.
“Yes death” Skylar repeated
“Don’t act like you gave a shit about me Gerard” I stood up.
“I do, but now that Frank’s alive I blamed you on something that you didn’t even cause and I was wrong. I apologize” Gerard said
“Apologies are for the weak” I spat.
“It’s the least I can do” Gerard said. I didn’t reply.
“Now you have to come with me and then the execution will be called. Every Dark Angel will have to attend, well the ones that you know” Skylar said. Electrica and little Hozzie is going to have to witness it.
“I’m not letting you take her” Franki said stepping in front of me.
“You cant make me not” Skylar said
“Frank” I said taking hold of his arm.
“IM NOT LETTING YOU DIE!” Frank screamed
“I don’t want to die, I want to live my life but I made a fucking mistake and this is the fucking price I have to pay! For fuck sake I almost got you killed! Why did you want to go after me? Why do you care about me so much?” I said
“Simple.” Frank said then suddenly I felt the touch of his lips against my own.

Jenny :

“It’s so quiet” I said not getting used to MC being around. A vibe was missing without MC and Unperfect Disguise. Something that I will find hard to get used to. I still find it hard to accept the fact that Frank has passed away along with my parents more than likely.
“I know, MC and Unperfect Disguise have been here since they were very very young and there is something missing without their laughter and MC’s bad but funny jokes” Showpony said taking a slice of pizza.
“Before BLI got destroyed how long had it been around?” I asked making conversation.
“BLI have been around for over 10 years” Showpony said. “I have been here for all those years with Dr. Death Defying” He continued.
“Wow” I said lifting a slice of the pepperoni pizza and biting into it.
“Yeah. Dr.Death Defying is trying to get in touch with some of his family and possibly go back with them. As for me I have no family” Showpony said
“Oh, if it helps I have not got any either. Showpony?” I asked
“Yeah?” He sat up
“Could I possibly live with Hozzie?” I said my voice hopeful. I had been thinking about it for a while now and decided to give it a shot.
“Well, wait a minute” Showpony then got up. A giant smile spread over my face.
“That is a good question” Dr. Death Defying sprinted in.
“Is it possible? I mean since BLI are destroyed and since it’s only us I was thinking maybe?” I asked
“I will get in contact with the family and find out” Dr. Death Defying smiled
“THANKYOU!” I stood up and hugged him
“Wow calm” Dr. Death Defying said
“I love it here I really do, but Hozzie is my best friend and I really want to see her” I said
“I will try” Dr. Death Defying then left his room and then got to work getting intouch with Hozzie.
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