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Until The End

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The End!!

Unfortunatly the rollercoaster ride is over :'(

But its probably not going to be the end

And for the last time please i want everyone to

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Slowly the sunlight beemed onto her face as the doors opened. He face pale and expressionless. Confused and sad. Not understanding the world at this point in time. So much to undertsnad. But so little time. The handcuffs heavy as her arms hung limp and weak. Her bare feet shuffled the ground and her dress ripped and destroyed. Covered in nothing but blood, sweat and tears. She had been dragged through hell and back. Not what you would expect a perosn to go through moments before her death. They seen her nothing but a lump of uselessness. They followed the Commitment unlike her and thought of her as scum. Her hair was knotted. Her breath was sharp and slow. She was reliving the past moments in her life about a half hour ago the torture she was put through. He knew what they were going to do to her. They were Catarix. Strict believers in the Commitment and felt that anyone who broke it should be severly punished. There was one of her. She was small and fragile and there was 2 of them. Tall, muscular, well built, goodlooking guys. Capable of breaking you in an instant. But with her they were careful because they knew what was next for her. Her execution. Lethal injection or maybe a swing from a rope if they dare. It was basically patience to see what was planned for her. Maybe a shot to the back of the head. So many possibilities buzzing through out the two guys minds. As for her she tried her best to not think that it was soon going to be her death. The end of absoulutly everything. She didn't expect them to do this. Not to her. Why her? It was a mistake. But they caved in on her, knowing that she was helpless and noone was going to help her. They shouted insults at the teenager. Insults that they knew was going to hurt her. She tried to defend herself but failed completly. Then they got even closer to the fragile being. Stroking her hair and playing with it. Knowing how scared she was at their touch. They knew how much power they held inside their hands and how she would try to stop them doing what they were going to do. But the more she screamed at them, the more it urged them on. Slwoly one of the guys hands slid up under her dress making her squirm. Making her feel useless and a complete toy. The whispers he whispeeed to her was meaningless. Then slowly he lifted the dress of her head making her exposed. Her head hung low and she tried to fight him off. She thought someone would help her but she was soon proven wrong. Noone came to her rescue. Not this time. The people she had loved was not there. She didn't know that the pain she felt was making them do this. She didn't even realize what was happening. Her vision was blurred due to the tears that was falling as his lips felt her own. She didn't want this to happen. He knew she didn't want this. But what could she do? She was standing up against a brick wall in a corner of a cell. He then forced his toungue inside her as the other guys tood and laughed urging him on. While throwing insults at the helpless teenager. He lifted her arms up over her head and whispered the insults into her ear. She knew what was about to happen. She beggd him not to do it but couldnt stop it. He commanded her. He was slowly making her feel like his own personal slave. Then his top came off as his breath tracked her neck and his hand unhooked her bra watching it fall his hand stroked her nipple. She was screaming in pain. The other gguy was screaming now telling the guy that had her aginst the wall to do it now while he had the chance. While she was helpless. While noone could save her from their torture. His eyes met her own and a devilish smile was on his lips. She whispered to him to stop but his hand went lower and touched her. Her underwear was ripped off and this was when she pleaded for him not to it. But her pleads was a melody to him. His pants were soon down and he bit her lip fiercely and his toungue entered her mouth once more while one hand wa playing with her below area. Slowly his fingers pumping inside her making her screm and cry harder. Her throat was becoming dry. But then his fingers were removed and then he thrusted inside her with force. She was still a virgin but he didn't care he wanted her to feel pain. She was feeling more than pain. His hands held her up and his mouth stayed attached to hers as he thrusted harder and harder eahc time. She was slwoly sliding down to the wall due to shock and pure weakness. He didn't stop he just shouted at her to stay up but then eventually she dropped and he fell down on top of her. Making him thrust even more into her. Eventually he released into her. Her back arched and her nails was digging into his back hard. He slapped her due to the strength she was digging into him. He then went out of her and watched her cry curled up naked in a ball in a corner. Not feeling any sympathy. They had already beaten her. Her dress was drenched in the blood. Her eye was black and her lips were purple and bruised. She had never been through this torture and pain before. Her arms were stinging and the man who had just raped her through her her dress and underwear. Shouting yet again even more insults. Then her eyes opened. The tears streaming down her face as the sun came into contact. Then she saw them. The girls that had helped her through it named Electrica Sparks and little Hozzie Bareham. A girl that was filled with so much spirit had to watch. The tears were visible in both of their faces. Bria gave a small smile at them as she was pushed. Her whole body still ached from the experiance that she had went through. She found it hard to find her voice. She didn't want to speak anyway. What words would she say? Who would listen to the meaningless shit that spilled out? She now realized that everything was a waste. Life itself is a waste. Espeically her own. One thing that always got her through everything was her music. Music was not waste. Music was an inspiration for her to carry on. If only she had them now. She then was pushed to her knees. She drew her final breath and darkness swarmed her brain but before that happened Frank's touch soothed her soul as she died.

Jasmine :

"Fuck" I cried. I was crying hard. I didn't care what the fuck was going to happen. Bria was practically dead and my life was a roolercoaster. Quickly i packed my bags. I left a note to my mum and i opened the door to find Chelsea.
"Woah what happened, are you okay?" She asked looking into my eyes. Me and her had recently developed a strong bond between eachother.
"Im fine im going to the airport" I muttered
"Why?!" Chelsea asked
"I need out" I said
"You cant, the group has practically fallen aprt, it was stitched a little when Frank arrived back, you cant leave!" Chelsea screamed
"The group isnt what it used to be, Swan is dead. Bria is dead. I just need my head cleared" I said getting intot he taxi.
"Im going with you to the airport" CHelsea then crawled into the taxi. Why? Why was she doing this? She was going to make me feel guilty about leaving and now look she already had so much pressure.
"You dont have to" I said to her looking out the window.
"I want to" Chelsea said. We remained silent on our wany there. Stepping out with Chelsea behind.
"This is it, this is the end of everything" I said
"What do you mean?" Chelsea asked
"Chelsea" I said, i probably should trust her.
"Yeah?" She asked. looking deep into her eyes. I closed my own.

"Im pregnant"
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