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I'm using Vampire William Beckett in a whole new story I wrote with a friend during out roleplaying. So it has two authors Myra and myself. And it begins as I introduce you to Miyuki ,who has no id...

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Born to a wealthy and well respected Duke of Edinburgh during the reign of one of King Henry IV. However, little did the women and men or England know that when William was born he was born into darkness for the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh happened to be notorious vampires from Rome. And when the government officials, suspected the mass killings of Romans, was due to the aristocratic vampires. William's parent fled with his unborn self inside his mother to Edinburgh where they fed on and killed the former Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh. Which soon after that they welcomed in their son William, who grew into a 6'3 one of the kind cruel and powerful vampire. Who eventually ,left his family to head over to North America,where through time and traveling by the cloak of night, settled in the bustling windy city of Chicago. There he began to form his coven of 200 male mainly with some female vampires. This coven he would call the Dandies and they would be the most notorious and powerful coven in the Midwest. The coven that all other covens wanted to be like and vampire hunters wanted to destroy. But yes William had a coven ,but with class where each wore bowler hats with white while his was a stormy gray that went with his gray suit, cloak, and mink fur. And his coven members wore suits as well but different type. Nevertheless ,they moved with the class they wore, killing in dances sometimes with their victims. And constantly reminding the clans of Chicago ,who the top dog was. William could not ask for a better position in his vampire life expect for the fact that this leading position sometimes came lonely and he sought out female companions whether for sex or pure fascination of mortals.

{by the way my grammar is not perfect so don't get mad at me for that otherwise enjoy the story)
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