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Chapter 1

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A neko ,who grow up with horrible parents and was experimented on by scientists. Walks through the night trying to avoid her past when a certain fanged coven leader comes to her rescue.

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Chapter 1

The calendar that sat in William's study was marked correctly for tonight was his coven's weekly hunt. This very night Beckett can be seen with his full leader attire with along with his cane ,by mortals and immortals alike, leading his coven members down the street in perfect march till he found the perfect spot to release them into the hunt. Glancing around at the clueless humans, walking along the sidewalks on this warm Friday night; William could not help ,but to evily smile to himself knowing that tonight these foolish humans would share their last Friday night together. Within moments William had arrived at the perfect part of the street with his 2nd Brendon and 3rd Mike waiting for the signal. He handed Mike his cane before pulling off his right white glove holding it up as his coven positioned themselves to take off and feed. Then with a cruel smirk William dropped his glove as his vampires took off to hunt on a helpless human. As they ran off he stood there enjoying the sound of screams and the faint sound of the last breath of a human's life.
Eventually after hunting 3 victims (two virgins and drunk bilbo), William returned to his home the beautiful Mansion he had constructed till it was perfect for his needs and desires. But something was off as he sat at his leather black chair at his mahogany desk in his study. Even with such a massive coven of a 100 or so. He still had this desire for a companion not his second in command. But a particular female companion human or any lesser creature to what he was to call his own or to own as a slave that he could get to pleasures his needs or simply sit in his lap as he filled out paper work in his office in the early hours of the evening. So with careful thoughts taken he had Brendon and Mike go out to get him a mate.

Brendon and Mike shook their heads at William request saying they possibly couldn’t find a decent companion for William’s way. But that only earned them a snarl and death glare from their Master so deciding not to tamper with William’s ever changing moods. They apparated out to the streets of Chicago looking for a girl that would be an easy catch and also attractive for their leader. That’s when they spotted her the female in a school uniform walking. This girl would make an easy target to kidnap and take back Brendon locking his focus on her watched as the girl went from a walk to a run. That’s when him and Mike set in their vampiric speed took off to grab the girl. When they finally had her Brendon turned her towards his eyes hypnotizing the girl to knock her out so they could apparate back to the mansion without her screaming.

(Miyuki'a POV)
Miyuki was walking through the streets minding her own business, she managed to find an elderly lady who left her stay the night, shower, get food and get her clothes washed. Not wanting to say goodbye to the lady she decided to sneak out during the night as she would feel too bad leaving the little lady who had helped her. Walking through the streets Miyuki looked so lost, she had slept most of the day so she was wide awake now. Her tail was hidden under her school skirt and her ears were flattened and pinned down under her hair. She shivered a little and wrapped her arms around herself as she wandered through the big city on her own. After a few minutes she got this horrid feeling that some one was watching her. Without even thinking she started to run, that was when she knew something was there when she heard two pairs of feet running behind her. Panic ran through her frail body as she went to look over her shoulder to see who was there when she looked and saw nothing was there she stopped running and walked straight into some one. They grabbed her and made her look into their eyes. Miyuki tried to struggle away but she was hypnotized within seconds and was lifted off her feet and brought off..
After a few minutes they arrived at Master William's house and let themselves in with the neko in arm all asleep, they couldn't wait to show him the female they got for her.
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