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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2
(William's POV)
After tirelessly pacing his study William’s sensitive hearing heard the door open to the mansion. Running with his vampire haste, William went to see what kind of present for a slave or companion that Brendon and Mike got him. “Well boys did you get me a suitable gal.” He said looking from Mike over to Brendon ,who had the sleeping neko in his arms. “Aww I see she isn’t human, hmm then what is she, cat features and human looking must be a neko.” He said walking over to Brendon running his white gloved fingers through the neko’s brown locks. “Hmm I wasn’t expecting nekos to be about the Midwest ,but neverless she will work just fine. Brendon take her to my room and while she is still knocked out in her sleeping state change her into one of the night gowns in the closet in my room. Then leave her on my bed tucked under the sheets. Please on your way out no dimwitted lower ranked vampire in my coven decides to be a suicidal idiot and get into my room.” After saying this Brendon left at vampire haste to take the neko ,which William now learned by reading her memories was named Miyuki along with discovering her sad past with her parents and the experimenting. William growled to himself making Mike jump thinking he did something. “What Mike someone walk across your grave, your dismissed I have no use of you at the moment.”

William said take his long legged strides out of the entry way before heading at haste to his bedroom. Where he entered and locked the door before walking over without sound to the sleeping neko. Sitting down on the bed close to her sleeping form ,watching her sleep soundly with his protective brown eyes making sure she was sleeping without nightmares. “Oh love, you sure will be an interesting edition to my coven well mainly as my companion or slave whatever way you put it. I want you to stay and never have to be part of the down and out your life keeps bringing you.” William said with a smile laying down on his bed next to the girl while hitting a remote to bring down a metal door over all the windows in his room since the sun would be rising soon.
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