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Frank nearly dies in an accident and loses his memory, especially that of Gerard. Watch as they go through happiness, knowing and sadness.

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My eyes flickered open. The pristine white ceiling blinded me instantly, I snapped my eyes shut again. I heard wheels thundering down a nearby corridor. Where was I? I peeked out of one eye to find more white. White curtains, white walls, everything was white. I grew intimidated. I coughed then flinched, startled by my own movement and sound. I blinked a few more times and even pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. This was reality. Hushed whispering was going on outside the room I was in, I craned my neck to try and hear. No luck. Then footsteps entered the room.

A small blonde haired woman wearing a navy blue uniform was making her way over to me, a clipboard in her hand. Next to her, a twenty-something year old man with raven hair was looking nervous, bending over the woman’s shoulder. He was dressed in all black, quite a contrast to the glistening white and he looked somewhat familiar. His face, though, matched the walls and I thought he was ill. Suddenly, he looked up and caught my eyes. His pale cheeks immediately burst with colour and his incredible hazel eyes were dancing.

“Frankie!” He yelled and ran over to where I was laid. Although he looked familiar, I still did not know him and he looked hurt when I gave him a confused expression. He planted a kiss on my forehead, anyway. He also grasped my hand, which I noticed had tubes coming from within it, connecting to a machine that was beeping to the rhythm of my heartbeats. A small smile was painted on his face and even though I didn’t know the man, I grinned back anyway and his smile grew into a beam. Obviously, he didn’t know how uncomfortable I felt as he pressed his dry lips to my forehead again.

The woman came over to my bed. She skimmed through a page of notes, wrote something on the bottom of the paper and looked up at me, smiling.
“Welcome back to Earth, Frank,” she giggled. How did she know my name? And what did she mean by ‘welcome back to Earth’? I had never left Earth. The man to my right squeezed my hand gently. Who was he? The woman coughed awkwardly and composed her fake and creepy smile again. I enjoyed the man’s cute grin much more. She spoke again. “How are you? Okay?”

She had given me a chance to speak and I kept silent. My mind burst with answers to the question.

“What’s wrong, Frankie? Cat got your tongue?” The unknown man laughed. I sent him a death glare and he squeezed my hand once again.

“Where am I?” I whispered and my own voice made me gasp because of how frail, delicate it sounded. I cowered into the bed duvet, blushing furiously. The woman frowned for a second.

“You’re in Belleville General Infirmary, Frank. How you feel, is what I’m asking though.”

“I’m okay but who are you? And why am I here?” My voice began to grow stronger with confusion but with that, the woman’s frown grew deeper and concerning. She noted down a few sentences on the paper from before.

“I’m Nurse Andrews, or Katie if you like, and you had a little accident.” She swept her blonde hair from her eyes. “Please excuse me.”

Katie hurried out of the room and back into the corridor she had come from. I watched after her, bewildered. Then I turned to the beside me who was still gripping my hand. His eyes were filled with confusion and sadness and I actually felt a little sorry for him. This probably wasn’t his fault. It was my turn to provide comfort and I squeezed his hand. His adorable grin returned but didn’t reach his eyes and it soon disappeared.

“Who are you?” I whispered, feeling extremely guilty for putting him through whatever pain I was causing.

“I’m your, uh, friend, Gerard,” He replied, shifting uncomfortably. “I know you remember me, Frankie - just think! Deep down, into your thoughts. Just think!”

I did as he said but all my mind could find was memories from the past fifteen minutes. I shook my head at Gerard. He looked like he had just been slapped in the face or kicked in the gut. Tears fell from both of our eyes.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know you.” I told him.
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