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2: Yesterday

I poked the green sloppy sludge around a pathetic paper plate. ‘Lunch’ Kate had called it but I wasn’t entirely convinced. It looked foul, smelled foul and after daring to let whatever it was pass my lips, I decided it tasted foul too. Afterwards, I stuck to gulping down endless cups of water to control my hunger.

The lack of things to do in hospital forced me into my thoughts. I felt sorry for Gerard as he seemed like a really nice guy and looked genuinely hurt when I admitted that I had no recollection of him in my memory. The way he clutched my hand and the pressure he gave when he kissed my forehead oozed so much concern and passion, I couldn’t have possibly turned him away. However, I couldn’t get the way he said ‘we’re um, friends’ out of my head, it replayed over and over in my mind. The words were so deep, they had too much meaning to them, I realised there was something more to them, and I just had to figure out what.

Gerard had left reluctantly the day before, as soon as my condition was deemed ‘stable’ and I was glad because although I’d only been awake for a few hours, my eyelids were growing heavier by the second. I missed his company slightly even though we didn’t speak much at all when he was there, his presence was comforting and it was all I needed to feel at least a little wanted. I was shaken from my thoughts as an unfamiliar brunette woman strutted her way over to me. She stopped at the bottom of the bed.

“Frank Iero?” She had an attractive fierce voice with hints of an Italian accent thrown in there. I nodded, mesmerised by her beauty. “I’m Dr Jones, your psychologist. That means I have the job of checking you’re alright upstairs and if not, we gotta do something about it.” She tapped her right temple.

She looked perfect. Her sleek reddish brown hair hung down to her waist and she regularly flicked it back over her shoulders. Her eyes were a deep chocolate brown and a glimmer appeared when they hit the light. A large white lab coat framed her athletic yet small build. Dr Jones was stunning and I couldn’t take my eyes away then she spoke again.

“Have you actually lost your memory or are you just pretending so you can get that stalker off your back? What’s his name... Jared?” She raised her thick but nicely shaped eyebrows which framed her long face beautifully. Her lips shaped into a taunting yet severely seductive smirk.

“Gerard, actually.” I blurted out defensively, much to my surprise. I could feel my cheeks burning, scorching by the second. Dr Jones snorted and wiggled her eyebrows again, rolling her eyes slightly too. I wasn’t too keen on her sarcasm and arrogance but I shook my head anyway, composing myself once again. “Anyway, why would I pretend when I know that his hurt is genuine. I’m not that cold-hearted, you know." I added the last part viciously, not caring how that sounded because it was true. How dare she suggest I would pretend at the account of other’s misfortune and pain, especially someone who seemed to care about me.

“Right.” Dr Jones smirked again, a face I now found devilish instead of perfectly angelic. I wanted to slap the stupid grin of her face, however she pushed on with her job. “What day is it, Frank?”

“It’s May 10th, a Thursday. Obviously.” I sighed deeply at the stupidity of the question.

“11th, Frank, a Monday.” Dr Jones informed me.

“Everyone’s head gets jumbled on a Monday morning. It’s no big deal.”

“It is a big deal when you're suffering from memory loss though.” She said, suppressing a giggled. I frowned at her and kept silent. “Who is Gerard, anyway?”

“Gerard’s my... friend.” I thought back to the day before when he had hesitated awkwardly and shifted uncomfortably in his seat when he explained who he was. It seemed like he was unhappy with his own response but refused to correct himself. I was unhappy with the way he reacted, I wanted to know more and what we were, truthfully, without him having to pretend. The moment I saw him, I should’ve told him that we had to lay out our cards on the table.

“Right.” Dr Jones said and rolled her eyes. She noted down some more words then studied my face. Her eyes washed over mine as concentration set deeply in her face, lines spreading across her forehead. “Your eyes don’t seem to be looking vacant, Frank. Things look great.

“You can go now.” A voice said from behind Dr Jones. She barely batted an eyelash. “I said you can go now, Dianna.” Dr Jones or ‘Dianna’ then turned around. I saw Kate and a little bit of Gerard, however it was Kate who spoke with very thick sarcasm. Dianna glared at Kate for a very long minute then turned on her heel and strutted out of the room, like she had when she first entered. Kate winked at me, yet the warm smile I received from Gerard gave me instant reassurance. He seemed to have perked up from yesterday but I do not dare to bring it up.

“Your accident is the cause of the memory loss!” Kate exclaimed enthusiastically. She recognized my confused expression. “Your accident caused your memory loss, like concussion or amnesia but worse! It may become worse but the again, your memory may come back in a few months or even weeks. We’ll be here, every step of the way. Right, Gerard?”

Gerard held tears in his eyes as he agreed with Kate. They threatened to overflow, which made an uncomfortable bump lodged in my throat however I managed to swallow it. He had only been there five minutes and we were already get emotional. I realised his hand had found mine and I clutched it desperately as I wondered what Kate was getting at before but a question wandered into my hand.

“Promise me something? I mean, both of you.” Kate and Gerard looked reluctant but eventually, they nodded. Hope gradually filled up in their eyes. “Tell me about my accident.”
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