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To See Them Die

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A murderer is on the loose, and only she can stop him.

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Her blood drips onto the cold stone floor, leaving only red puddles.
"Why?" Her strangled squeak echoes around the chapel.
"Because I wanted to. Now hurry up and die, Lindsey." The only other voice in the small chapel growls.
The shadowy figure leaves the black-haired woman to die, but not before leaving a small note behind. He or she intends it to look like a suicide, like joyful, happy Lindsey Ballato had slashed her wrists with the knife that now lay abandoned on the white floor.

I wake up covered in cold sweat. The dreams- it has happened again. I reach for my phone. It is only then that I realize I haven't turned off my iPod and that "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Green Day is still playing. I can't be bothered to get out of bed and change the song, seeing as I have it on repeat. I unlock the small silver device in my hand and scroll down my contacts list, looking for one name in particular.
Mikey- can you come over? It happened again. Sienna x
Mikey is my best friend. He lives two blocks down and comes over whenever this happened, whenever I have these dreams. They are prophetic in a way, the dreams. I, Sienna Jenkins, dream of people as they die. I didn't see people who died of natural causes- oh no, I dream of people who are murdered. I watch them writhe in agony, and I hear them whimper and I hear their killer whisper the last words that person will ever hear. I let a single tear drip down my cheek, and that brings on the waterworks. As I cry, my phone vibrates.
Be there ASAP Sienna. Is the door open? X
I shakily reply to Mikey.
Of course it is.. Dad left it open, I didn't hear him lock it.
Before long, Mikey is sitting on my bed with his soft, pale arms wrapped round me.
"Did you hear a name?" He whispers softly, burying his face in my hair. I nod my head.
"L-Lindsey." The name brings back memories of Gerard's ex-girlfriend. Gerard is Mikey's older brother. He's nice, and when Mikey is away or sick, he is the one who comforts me and holds me close. He, Mikey and I all go to school together. Mikey and I are in the same grade, while Gerard is in a higher grade. Lindsey is one of my best friends, she is so nice. I can't imagine who would want to kill her. When I think of her body sprawled out on the marble floor, I lean over my bed and vomit onto the wooden floor. I cry and wipe my mouth with the back of my hand.
"Come on, let's clean you up." He murmurs, scooping me up and carrying me to the bathroom. He sits me on the floor, turning on the tap and flooding my bathtub with hot water. He leaves me to undress and clean myself. I hear him find a mop and clean up the mess I have made. I have not removed my black angel wing necklace, and I have no intentions of taking it off. Mikey gave it to me last year. We both didn't have dates to the prom, so he took me. Instead of buying a corsage, he bought me a black angel wing necklace. He has e matching one and neither of us have taken it off since. I quickly wash myself and get out of the bath, wrapping a towel round my skinny, pale body. I smile as I hear "Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Pants Off" blasting from my room. Mikey must have gotten sick of Billie Joe Armstrong whinging about waking alone. He is not in my room when I enter. I pull on a pair of hot pink skinny jeans and a black Nirvana tank top. I head downstairs, and I find Mikey cooking breakfast. He's sweet, and he does this every time I have a dream like the one I had. As he leans over the stove, his necklace dangles. I grin at the fact that he still has it. He pushes his glasses back up his nose and turns round.
"Do you think Cara would mind if Gerard came over?" Cara is my older sister and almost like a bodyguard. I love her but I can't tell her about the dreams, she casts them off and calls me silly and is no help at all.
"She won't care, she went off with her boyfriend." I reply. Mikey grins. The doorbell rings and I slink over to open the door.
"Hey, Sienna." Gerard greets me. I won't deny it, he's ridiculously handsome, with short white-blonde hair, pale white skin and soft green eyes that can be venomous.
"Hey Gerard. Come in." I realize I must look atrocious. I have no eyeliner or mascara on and my eyes must be red from crying.
"Who was it?" He asks, softly wrapping his arm around my shoulder.
"Lindsey." At the mention of the name, Gerard bit his lip.
"Did you see the scumbag who killed her?" Mikey asks. I feel tears well up and I shake my head. Gerard and Mikey sigh in unison and as I break down in tears for the second time that morning, they both hug me and I swear I feel Mikey's lips brush my forehead.
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