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you dont know a thing about my sims.

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when Gerard buys sims three and disses unicorns infront of mikey... there is only one way it can go... even if it sometimes means giving frankie skittles...

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“Hey Mikey! Look what I have bought!!” Gerard way, the lead singer of my chemical romance, told his brother waving a game case in front of his eyes.

“What! Gerard! Stop moving it and keep it still!” he chuckled taking the case out of his hands. “Sims three…? Seriously Gee? You went out and bought this?” he looked up at his brother who was grinning like a squirrel on steroids.

“Yup! Now budge so I can try it out!” Mikey looked at the screen and then back at Gee.

“But… but I’m watching this…” he stuttered diving for the remote.

“What eve-“Gerard started but ended up in hysterics when he saw a pink fluffy unicorn wander onto the screen.” You won’t let me put Sims in because… you’re watching a documentary about… unicorns?!”

“Hey! It’s very interesting thank you very much! And just because you said that I will make sure that Frankie gets his skittles tomorrow morning!”


“Who said skittles?” Frankie said walking into the living are wearing his ripped up jeans and no shirt… he was very proud of his many tattoos and thought that everyone should be able to see them.

“NO ONE!” Gerard said loudly. But judging by the look on Frankie’s face he didn’t quite believe him.

“Yes you did! It was Mikey I heard you! Why were you talking about skittles?”
Mikey saw the death glare Gerard was giving him but he continued anyways” I’m gonna get you some skittles in the morning franks!” he said turning back to the screen where there were now two unicorns one blue and one… yellow? Strolling through an unnaturally green forest… that kid needs help.

“NO! YOURE NOT MIKEY!” Gerard said stamping his foot in a tantrum.

Although he had a reason too, last time they had let frank have skittles on the tour bus… they came back to a trashed sleeping area… run to the hills playing loudly… too loudly. Frank was sat on the middle of the table with mikey's stuffed unicorns calling them Mr Rainbow and Mrs sunny. Mikey freaked!

“Too late! He already said I can! “Frank said poking his tongue out at Gerard as he saw him pursing his lips in annoyance.

“Well done Mikey…” Gerard said walking out of the room with his game in his hand.

“Thanks mikes! Whatcha watching?”

“This awesome doc about unicorns… it’s called fact or fiction: unicorns… personally I think its fact. Unicorns are too awesome to not be real!”

Frankie just rolled his eyes and sat down next to him. He knew he had to be nice otherwise he wouldn’t get his skittles. He needed skittles!

He didn’t understand why Gerard didn’t want him too! He was all happy when he had skittles. He had fallen out with Gee when they had started recording dead! Because he had simply stated” well at least I’m not doing drugs huh Gee. At least I’m not constantly off my face huh Gee. Its skittles. Not going to hurt anyone or make ME suicidal is it?” this didn’t go down too well and Gee just looked at him for a couple of seconds before saying” dude. That was a low blow. In the past. Why did you even need to bring that up...? JERK.” Then he walked out with tears in his eyes. Gee hated being reminded of his… “Problem” as he had once heard bob and Ray call it once when he caught them talking about him.

Frankie and Gee had made up after about a weeks’ worth of non-recording, non-speaking silence between them after Ray managed to convince frank that he was at wrong and that he should go and apologise.

“Yo guys! What you watching?” bob said as he walked into the room carrying a large cup of tea… it was only tea because between the two way brothers and a little bit of help from Frankie and Ray… they had managed to reduce bobs stock of uber expensive coffee… to absolutely zilch.

“Mikey is watching some really stupid program about unicorns… obviously C.G.I unicorns at the very least!” frank said poking Mikey in the ribs causing him to jump.

“I don’t think you REALLY want these skittles I’m gonna get you tomorrow do you franks? Unicorns are real you just don’t have the awesomeness to see them!!” he replied but he pulled an awkwardly confused face as he saw bobs jaw fall open.

“NO NO NO NO NO! IM SORRY! PWEASE! UNICORNS IZ DA BESTEST!!” frank said pretending to beg. Frankie must be having a really weird day because he wasn’t normally like this… then again… being offered skittles… was a rarity nowadays!

“Wait… what?” bob said walking over.

“Mikey promised me skittles because Gee wanted to turn his unicorn thingy over… so he did it for revenge on Gee…!” frank piped up.

“Three cheers for sweet revenge eh?” Mikey chuckled. “y’know… the sweet bit meaning the skittles… sweet...”

“Dude… you killed it. It was funny… but then you over explained it. AGAIN.” Bob said sighing and shaking his head.

“Oh well I’m sorry.”

Gee had finally managed to get a go on the game he had bought making the house big and with lots of darkly coloured rooms. He had a woman called sapphire, and man called Dave and a teenage girl (who was currently going through this Goth stage…) called Zoe. Man he was properly addicted to this game! Mikey didn’t think he would ever be able to watch another unicorn show again!!

“Night guys!” Ray said as he crawled into his bunk.

“Night!” everyone repeated as they turned the lights out at about quarter to one. These guys never slept very early… unless it counted them napping due to not sleeping… and then they wondered why people thought they were all vampires!

Bob fell asleep first, then Ray, then Gee and lastly… Frankie. But Mikey couldn’t sleep. At all. His mind was filled with images of skittles, unicorns and for some strange reason… Rays grandmother!

“Gee... gee… you awake dude?” Mikey asked poking his brothers platinum blonde head in attempt to wake him an about three… in the morning.

“Go away.” He mumbled his reply into his pillow and quickly fell asleep.

“Hrm nothing to do then”. Mikey thought as he walked into the living area of the tour bus.
He switched the TV on and flicked through the channels,,, although… he didn’t know what he even bothered for as they were all advertising lame cleaning products… serious though… who stays up at three in the morning to watch… teleshopping?!

He sighed in vain and looked around the room. Hrm. Then he saw it. The games case. Sims three. He could give it a try couldn’t he? It wouldn’t hurt would it?
He put the game in and squinted his eyes as they adjusted to the bright colours on the screen. The picked up the controller and chose a spare file. Heheh… he knew what he was going to do.

He put the surname as MCrmy… that was what all the fans called themselves… it was quite clever actually! Then he spent a long time making Sims of him, Frankie, Ray, bob and Gee. The also made him bob and Ray have wives. Then when the spouse thing popped up he knew just what to do. He clicked on Gee and connected it with Frankie, then he clicked on him and connected it with the woman called Alicia, then Ray and Christa and bob and Carrie (a/n I don’t know who bobs wife is :/). Done.

Then he spent another half-hour building a huge house with dark rooms, he gave Gee and Frankie a dark red room with a big four post bed, then him and Christa a blue room… with a cough cough unicorn on the wall… and bob and Carrie a green room. He though that christa would like to have an bright purple room because Ray generally did as he was told. Then he made a kids room with four beds in there… y’know, just in case…

*so there it is! my first ever fan fic. started at least! tell me if you think i should continue yeh?
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