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oh so thats how it is.

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the band find mikey on sims.

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When Gerard woke up he blinked a couple of times before looking around. He could hear ray snoring – loudly. He could hear bob breathing loudly and Frankie… was talking in his sleep. Again. Something about him not wanting to be… a krabby patty?! Okay then…

The only thing that was missing was Mikey. Gerard looked over to where mikey’s bunk was and panicked. The bunk was empty. This scared Gerard because last time he had left… he was depressed and suicidal. Poor Mikey. Him being diagnosed with near- bipolar disorder… made him feel… not normal. Gee had seen him cry so many times knowing there was something wrong so he finally convinced Mikey to see a doctor… the news crushed him.

Gee grabbed his fluffy dressing gown and ran to the door. He peered in and the sight in front of him was rather odd… and unexpected.

Mikey was sat on the floor with his back on the sofa. He looked very tired too… good thing there weren’t any shows today or tomorrow! He was clutching a games controller… and was playing... not his batman game he had spent thirty bucks on… but gees Sims three! He had made a big house and it had lots of rooms, “the best one being the dark red room with the four poster bed… bet the unicorn one is mikey’s… sometimes I wonder if him and Alicia is a cover up for Mikey being gay he was so camp at times!” Gee thought to himself.

“Why are we watching Mikey? Ray whispered into his ear making him jump, he was stood with Frankie and bob too.

“Because Mikey… is playing… Sims!” he chuckled quietly.

“Haha! Really? Go in gee!” Frankie whispered.

Gee opened the door and stepped in. Mikey hadn’t seen him… yet. The others quietly filed in behind him.

“Oh so that’s how it is then.”

Mikey’s head lifted up quickly and turned to face them, a look of embarrassment splashed across his face.

“No... I… erm. FRANKIE! Does you want your skittles now?!” he said desperately trying to change the convo onto a friendlier topic…

“YES! YES! YES!” frank replied bouncing up and down in glee.

“NO! NO! NO!” the rest of the band members shouted back.

“Yes!! I promised him after all… hey gee… look at yours and Frankie’s room…” he said walking over to him and handing him the controller before running out.

Gee slowly moved the character he recognised as his own and walked into the red room. ‘Gee and Frankie’s room
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