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Welcome to the Bla- MCR Tourbus

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What happens when 4 fans get to join a tour with MCR? Story you auditioned for

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"Hey guys, been a while. Did ya' miss me?" We grinned up at our, old and new drummer Bob.
He's not old in age, but he was with our band, then left. Now he is our new drummer.
It makes sense if you don't think about it.
"Bob! Yes!" Frank joked and I rolled my eyes.
"We need to pick a winner, remeber?" I spoke up, having them look at me strangley.
"Uh, oh yeah! I pick that Lucy May." Everyone looked at Mikey, who turned a slight shade of red.
"I agree with Mikes, Lucy did kick ass in the video."
"So Lucy it is?" Everyone nodded.

I picked up the phone, putting it on speaker, punching in the buttons.
"Hello?" A girl asked, we heard her say something, we were guessing it was to tell her friends to shut up.
"Is this Lucy May?" I spoke, hearing a chours of screams coming from the other line.
"THAT'S GERARD WAY! WHAT IF YOU WON!" The guys all grinned at one of the girls reactions.
"I don't know, now shut up. Yes it's Lu lu." Nice nickname.
"As your friend told you, you have won our, um what did we name the contest." Bob started, looking around at us.
"BOB'S THERE TOO! OH MY GOD BUBBLES THIS IS AMAZING!" The same girl yelled, having her friends tell her to chill out.
"The tour with MCR contest?" Lucy suggested.
"Yeah, you won. With that you get tickets, for you and 4 friends. Backstage passes and you 5 get to tour with us." Frank smiled, hearing the girls scream in excitement.
"Thank you so fucking much." Another girl chimed in.
"Can't wait to see you guys." Mikey finished before we said goodbye and hung up.
"You think their happy?" Ray asked, looking around.

Thought I would post at least one chapter, sorry about the length (short as all hell). I will make it interesting the next chapter, trust me :] some fans of...other bands will maybe like this a bit more. M'kay?
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