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It's Finally Here

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"It's the day of the concert, the concert, THE GODDAMNED CONCERT!"

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Finally here, the day of the concert, me and my 4 friends (screaming and slightly embarassing me when they called), where attending, then going back stage...then (wait for it)
Yes, we all have those fangirl moments, don't try and deny it.

"Do I look okay? What if we meet them?! Who are they touring with again?" Kait asked, making sure her Blink 182 shirt was straight, and her red (yes bright red) skinny jeans looked good, and her hair, which this week was black finished with blonde streaks (yes, she dyes it almost every week).
"The tour is My Chem. Panic!, Green Day, used to be Paramore, but now they are bringing in a mystery band" I finished waving my arms around, trying to add onto the 'mystery' affect.
"WHAT IF IT'S FALL OUT BOY, AND THEY GOT BACK TOGETHER, OR BLINK 182!" Lottie, was a passive agressive fangirl (does that make sense? What's passive agressive again...I don't know it sounsd right).
"Boo, calm down. You can fangirl at the concert." Abbie put her hands on our friend's shoulders, in an attempt to calm her down.
"Addie, be careful. Don't get punched." Anna warned, brushing a peice of dark brown hair out of her face.
Yes, Lottie punched her in the face before. Why? She was hyped up after attending a Foo Fighters concert (she is that fan, that all bands want).
"Shit, okay. Don't hit me Lotta, or imma punch you back." She joked, trying to act serious.

"I'm not taking sides, but if Fall Out Bot suprised us like that, I would throw a fucking party." I rolled my eyes, packing the last of my stuff.
"Could I come?!" Lottie yelled out, smiling like an idiot (no she was not an idiot, just an expression people).
"Will you punch me in the face?" Abbie joked
"If I don't get invited, you're going to get jumped." I laughed, hoping nobody was serious about the violent situations that could happen.
"What's so good about Fall Ou- nevermind." I finished, beginning to feel scared.
I knew who they were (if you knew my friends, you would understand).
"They.Are.Amazing." Anna concluded
"I'm going to go along with that." I nodded as we walked out the door to where my mom was standing, talking to my brother.
"Honey, I am going to miss you so much." She hugged me tightly, yes my mom got more homesick about me leaving than I did when I was 4.
"You too mom." I whispered trying to squirm out of her grip.
That women who I called my mom had a grip like a vice.
"Mom, stop holding her with the vice grip." Phoenix (my brother) chimed in.
"VICES AND VIRTUES!" My 4 friends screamed out.
"What?" My mom, had no taste in music, just putting that out there.
"Panic!'s 2nd album." (A/N Not sure if it is their second album, but it kicks ass and I like in this it will be).
"Okay, but Lucy, here." She handed me a camera.
A camera, a digital camera.
"Take lots of pictures." My mom gave me one last bone-crushing hug before letting me and my friends go.
"So explain to me, why am I the chauffeur?" Phoenix asked.
"You're older, we said so, and plus..we'll sick Lotta on you." Anna kidded.
"Well that last reason is enough." Yes Lottie scared my brother, which was funny if you thought about it, a 19 year old intimidated by someone who was 16.

We arrived there in about half an hour.
The full time, me and my friends belting out assortments of My Chem. , Panic! and Green Day.
"CUT MY HAIR, GAG AND BORE ME..PULL THIS PIN, LET THIS WORLD EXPLODE!" We had just finished 'Na, Na, Na' (even Phoenix was singing!).
"WE'RE HERE!" I screamed, there were fans, in tents.
Did they seriously sleep outside? All night for this show?

"Lets go!" I pointed, we were instructed to go backstage, so we could drop out stuff off.
"Pass." The security guard asked, he was tall, and built. And somewhat scary looking.
"Contest winner and friends." I mumbled, and he gave me a look.
"What contest? Kid there are so many people who try that, sorry." He shrugged and I looked at my friends.
We were supposed to go backstage, where we would receive our tickets and everything.
"Bubbles it's okay." Kait wrapped an arm around my shoulders as I wiped my eyes.
I know it was a stupid reason to cry, but I was excited, got my hopes up.

"Hey, whats wrong?" I heard a voice, which sounded weirdly familar.
I nodded still wiping at my eyes.
"Wait, aren't you the contest winners?" We heard another voice, which sounded oddly familar.
"Yeah, c'mon. But can we learn you're names. I don't want to go a full tour refering to you by what you're wearing, or what you look like." I looked up and saw, Brendon Urie, and Ryan Ross.
Ho-ly shit.
"I'm Lucy May, but Lu lu or Bu-" I got cut off by Ryan
"Bubbles? Sorry I heard her refer to you as that." He nodded towards Kait.
"I'm Kait"
"Lottie Seraphine Jai Reid" They raised their eyebrows and gave Lottie weird looks.
"Lottie works." They nodded
"Abbie." They nodded, and took us backstage.

"We just met 2 of 4 out of Panic!" Lottie whispered to me, excitedly.
"Hey guys, and you 5...contest winners?" I looked and saw Gerard and Frank walking up.
"Y-yeah." I stuttered, Frank looking at me
"What?" I asked, feeling someone give me a hug.
"You look sad, that's all." Frank said..
Did I just get a hug, from Mr. Frank Iero?!?!?!?

"So we'll bring you to the bus, and introduce you to the bands, well besides those 2, who you already met." Ryan and Brendon waved to us before we left.
I saw Abbie looking over at someone walking by with wide eyes, who made her smile grow.

Yay new chapter? (I don't know, felt right)...who is the mystery band? (nobody knows, and if you do, DONT SAY please...or I will sick one of Mikey's unicorns on you ;) )
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