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Hey I just Met you..AND YOUR MY IDOLS

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Might be slight filler-ish, because I need to check out more to do with the mystery band

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We stepped onto the bus, behind Frank and Gerard (or as some random girl named Hollie put it 'Ferard').
Sorry if you are supportive of it, but I don't read fanfiction (I am with Mikey on that one).
Back to our little adventure, and enough about fan fiction.

"Hey Gee, so these are the contest winners." We heard Bob, I heard screaming.
"Hi, I'm Mikey, did you guys get backstage okay?" He asked, we looked at one another.
"Sure." I answered, trying not to give much away.
"Yeah right, Troy, the security guard today is a total ass." Ray walked out, being oh so nice. (Sarcasm)
"True, we saw them with Brendon and Ryan, so they got in." The 5 started talking like we weren't there.
"Guys, we still have to show them to where their staying." Ray chimed in.
"Yeah, so we are deeply sorry. Not all of you can stay on this bus, we will have to split you guys up." Gerard apologized, and we shrugged.
"Okay, so me and Anna stay here. Abbie and L-" I got cut off by Abbie
"No Abbie stays in a certain bands tour bus. Nice to meet you 5, you seem like amazing guys. But I am going to find my place to sleep." She finished before running out.
"I wonder what band, she saw." Kait mumbled.
"Probably the mystery band." Bob rolled his eyes jokingly and resumed, whatever he was doing on his laptop.
"So there is Panic! and Green Day, who do you guys want to bunk with?" I asked Lottie and Kait.
"PANIC! Dibs it" Kait threw her arm into the air.
"I guess I need to warn a certain guitarist. A certain R-" I started, teasing her.
Yes me and my friends all had a diffrent celebrity crush (happily at least one for all of us was on this tour, sadly they were to old for us).
"Fuck off Lu lu." She joked, as she was about to leave, she stopped.
"Um where is their bus?" Turning, while she asked in an akward tone.
"It's okay, you can stay here and when we leave we could show you." Mikey was so akward! More akward in person, but still adorable.
"So I get GREEN DAY!?" Lottie burst out, I didn't know she was a big Green Day fan.
Knowing her though, she would freak out over any celebrity.
Wait scratch that not ANY celebrity (pop singers for instance, she would probably go all angry fandom on their ass).

"WOW! Your eyes, have really big chunks of yellow. It's awsome." Bob looked, and Lottie turned an amazing shade of red.
"Lotta, you okay?" Anna asked.
"Yeah Bannana." She said unknowingly
"Anna don't." I started, she was a calm person, but if you called her 'Bannana' you would most likey get pucnhed.
"COME HERE!" She yelled as she chased Lottie out of the bus.

We heard a scream and it went silent.
The 7 of us looked at each other for a berif moment before running outside.
Anna was squirming in Billie Joe Armstrong's arms (wow, everyone got a close encounter with a celebrity ex- nevermind), while Lottie was cowering behind some guy, who I didn't know.
"Well there goes the mystery in the mystery band." Frank let out, and I raised an eyebrow.
"Do you know who that is?!" Kait whispered excitedly to me.
"No, who is he?" I asked looking at my friend.

Cliffhanger! Don't.Judge.Me, yes I have a celbrity crush on a certain guiarist from a certain band in this lol (sorry felt like there was no other way to put it, so yeah text abbreviations work)....I love the comments (you guys are so nice) so I am updating a lot today (it's only 3:00 PM I have a lot of time)
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