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Yes it had to be a cliffhanger, and HOLY SHIT! What is with all the hot celebrities (I googled him, and Lottie is cowering behind someone (my opinion, feel free to go against it) hot ;P)

I had to admit, the dude Lotta was cowering behind, wasn't half bad.
"Gah! Wait, you're Billie Joe Armstrong! And you're Pete Wentz!" Anna's hands shook, probably from the fact that a celebrity was holding her back, and the singer of her favorite band (I heard they broke up, so ex-band?) was right in front of her.
"Hey Pete?" Lottie wrapped her arms firmly around his waist, resting her head against his side.
"Um yeah?" He asked, it must've been akward having a teenage girl holding you close, and the fact that you don't know her must've made it worse.
"Is Fall Out Boy back together?" She asked, all my friends leaning in for his answer.
"Sorry, no." Lottie pushed him away, still keeping a grip on his t-shirt though.
"WHAT?!? No offence, because you are fucking amazing and all but why are you here then? To get our hopes up?!" Pete looked around eyes full of fear (yes Lotta is scary when she is angry).
'Wrong Answer' I mouthed out to him
'Help me' he mouthed back and I couldn't help but laugh.
"Well, um..." He started, at a loss for words.
"Lottie" She answered firmly.
"Okay, Lottie, I came here to see my friends, Green Day, My Chem, Panic!." He put an arm around her shoulders.
"I wish we were, for fans, like you." She looked at the ground sadly, forgetting the fact that a member from her favorite band had his arm around her shoulders.
"Fuck." She muttered sadly and walked towards a bus, which I was guessing belonged to Green Day.

"There are so many other things you could've said in that situation ya'know?" Billie spoke up, slightly stiffling a laugh.
"I know, hate making fans sad like that." Pete looked at the ground, akwardly putting his hands in his pockets.
"So I still don't know where I'm supposed to go!" Kait spoke up, and everyone looked at her.
"Where are you staying?" We looked up to see Jon and Spencer (yes Panic!) walk up.
"Well,your bus." They shrugged.
"Okay, grab your stuff and follow us." Kait shot me a grin and walked off.

"ANNA! You should come hang out with me." Lotta called from the Green Day bus.
"Sure, bye Bubbles." I rolled my eyes, as she walked off.
"Not to sound like an ego-maniac with his head in the clouds, but you seem calm. I guess you're not a fan?" Pete asked and I nodded.
"Can you keep a secret?" He looked dead serious, slightly sad.
"Okay?" My jaw dropped at what he told me, there were going to be tears.
From my friends sadly enough.
"You can't tell anyone." He enunciated on 'Anyone'.
"O-of course." I mumbled, at a loss for words.
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