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Not What You Think

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"I couldn't believe what he just said, there were going to be tears"

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"Lu lu, what's wrong?" Anna asked as she popped another smartie in her mouth.
We were waiting for the show to start, and I guess I seemed zoned out.
"GAH! I can barely see!" Kait complained, before a random guy from behind her lifted her up and put her on his shoulders.
"Can you see now?" I asked her and she nodded, happily.
"Lu lu, did Pete tell you anything after we left?" Abbie asked, nudging my side.
"" I was a truely terrible liar.

My friends looked at me, wanting the truth, thankfully getting cut off by the sound of drums being played.
"OHMYGOD IT'S FALL OUT BOY!!!!!!" Abbie looked like she was about to pass out, Kait was screaming and had tears falling down her face; still on this guys shoulders, Lotta was gripping my arm with the grip of a vice, and I didn't see Anna's reaction.
"What's up! We're Fall Out Boy!" The singer, Pa- Patrick yelled into the mic.
"We're back, and better than ever." He continued and my friends screamed, and Abbie grabbed my other arm, balancing herself.
"Bubbles?! Did you know about this!??" She screamed to me as they started playing 'Golden'.
I nodded and my friends resumed rocking out.

The set wasn't shorter than ever or long as fuck.
"So what did he say?" Abbie asked after they finished their set
"He told me about this, and how he hated lying to fans." Abbie smacked my arm
"YOU DON'T KEEP STUFF LIKE THAT A SECRET!" She yelled giving me an angry glare.
"What happened to the 'Fangirl party!" I asked, and she giggled.
"I guess so." She looked down as I smiled widley."

(A/N I haven't been to any of the bands mentioned I am making up the stage shows)

Panic! was the next band to come on, they started by playing their video 'The Overture'.
"I don't know about you, but if Brendon said it was time to go, I would be jumping out a fucking window." I heard a random girl say from behind me.
"Ooookay then." I answered, eyes set on the stage.
"Who was that?" I heard Kait whisper, she was let down from the dudes shoulders and was now beside me, on her tiptoes.
"I don't know." I stiffled a laugh, as they started playing 'Lets Kill Tonight'.

They had a longer set than Fall Out Boy, but it was still amazing.
Green Day had come on, then it was time for the main band, My Chemical Romance.
They started with the beginning of the 'Na, Na, Na' video with Dr.Death. I smiled, and they started with Na, Na, Na.
They played through a lot of their songs, on all their albums.
"Good night guys, it was fucking amazing playing for you." Gerard yelled to the crowd and I felt someone ram into me.
Slamming me straight into the barriar, now that hurt.
"What the hell." I muttered as a really, kind of (really) creepy girl was on stage wrapping her arms around Gerard.

What the hell?
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