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She Scares Me

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I love my readers! (even my new one yeah!)

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Straight out, I love you guys, all my chapters are rated (at least 1, which I am fucking happy for) and I got a new reader! (yeah buddy!) thanks, (I get reveiws about you guys loving it, well by what you say and 1, fangirling for a bit...thanks guys :D)

"Um hi?" Gerard asked the girl still clinging to him
She looked up and whispered something to him, in which made his face drop.
"Okay, can you um..please let go of me." He asked and she did, grabbing his hand and holding it tight.
"What the hell?" I heard Kait ask, all of us looking scared in some sort of way.
2 of the guys from their security grabbed the girl and brought her off stage.
"Just goes to show how much our fans love us." Frank announced and the crowd screamed
"Good night! Can't wait to come back here again, you guys kick ass!" Gerard ended the show and all of them walked backstage.

"Passes?" The same security guard as earlier asked, and we froze.
Not knowing what to answer.
"Troy, their with us." Patrick answered allowing us backstage.
I felt Abbie and Anna grip one of my arms each, with a grip of a very big snake (you know those snakes that wrap themselves around you and squeeze, boa constricters?)
"Guys, I think your friend likes having circulation going into her hands." Pete joked as he saw how tightly my friends were holding my arms.
"Yeah guys." Lottie joked, receiving a hug from Pete.
Her face went bright red, and her smile was huge.
"You gave me a hug earlier, so I decided to return the favor." I swear she looked like she was going to cry.
"Do I get a hug?" A new voice asked, which caused us to turn around.
It was the same girl who had hopped up on stage and hugged Gerard.
She seemed scary.
"Um, do we know you?" I asked, trying to be as blunt as possible
"Yes, I'm one of the friends you brought along for winning the contest, you know Hollie?" I nodded
"I don't know you sorry." She sent me a pleading look
"Puppy dog eyes? Puh-lease, you're doing it all wrong." Kait didn't talk like that normally, no she only did it when people tried and failed.
Mostly puppy dog eyes, she could do them and you would melt on the spot, not even lying.
"Sorry, I guess I'll go then." Her voice came out as a whisper, her head hung low as she left.
"Talk about a guilt trip." Patrick pointed out.
"What?" We all asked in sync, which sounded
"Fans try it all the time, they get all 'sad' in hopes that we will let them backstage or something." He shrugged like it was no big deal, while I felt kind of bad for the girl.
"Okay, so what time is it?" Lotta asked, with a yawn.
"Just after 11. I for one think we should get to bed." We looked up to see Bob, and Mikey.
"Yep, but how do I get in?" Kait asked, I felt so bad for her...she seemed so confused.
"Spencer and Ryan are in there at the least, just knock, I think they'll let you in. If not come crash with us." Pete offered and she smiled
"Watch you fake it." I joked and she put a finger to her lips, soon to burst out in laughter.
"I'm sorry I just couldn't help it." We all laughed, before heading out to the bus.
"Can you belive it? They told me I could bunk with them!" Lottie smiled and I wrapped an arm around my friend's shoulders.
"You happy?" I asked and she nodded, very enthusiasticlly.

"Have fun." I whispered before walking into the My Chem. bus.
"Remember that one show? When in the middle of 'Thank You For The Venom' Frankie kicked Gee in the balls?" I heard one of the guys ask and all burst out laughing.
"Yeah it didn't hurt exactly, but it was like "Oh you're playing over here now." Then after it was like "What did I do?". I smiled, I was at that show and the lyrics came out more like "the floo-ow, the flo-ow".
"Hey guys." Me and Anna were greeted as we walked in.
"So I'm guessing you want to get some sleep?" Frank asked and we nodded sheepishly.
"Come with me." He showed us our bunks, mine was beside Anna's, both on the top.
"Night guys or should I say girls?" Mikey asked, and we laughed
"We don't care." I answered
"Night guys." Anna waved and we curled up in bed
I pulled out my IPod and let 'Disenchanted' by MCR start playing.
First night of many. As it turns out, the madness had only started.

Yes, cliffhangers are my specialty :)
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