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It's a Travel Day

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What would happen, if we jumped off the top of the bus while it was moving?

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I woke up, to Anna screaming at me.
"WAKE UP! LU LU, BUBBLES LUCY, LU LU, BUBBLES, LUCY!" I groaned and openeed my eyes.
To chaos.
"Who are you?" Gerard asked,
"Um um." I mumbled.
"Really who are you!?" He was right by my bunk and I was getting a bit scared(have you ever had the frontman of your favorite band do this to you? Didn't think so)
"I-I'm your biggest fan." A new voice mumbled from the bottom bunk.
That's who Gerard was asking. I let out a sigh of releif.
"You thought I was talking to you? Oh sorry." He let out a slight laugh and I poked my head out from the bunk I was on, and looked down, to see a diffrent girl curled up in the bottom bunk.
She looked to be about Kait's age, or just plain out small for her age.
"Your name is Hollie?" Anna asked, and we all looked at her.
"You know her?!" I exclaimed hopping down.
"No, it says on the pick necalce 'Hollie'." She pointed to a black pick that hung around her neck, with a gold engraving that read 'Hollie'.
"Okay, now that we know who you are." I nodded with every word.
"You already knew me, remember you chose me as one of the friends to come along." She smiled widley, sitting up to reveal a 'David and Goliath' brand t-shirt.
"Whats her name then?" Anna spoke up from behind me.
"Lucy, geez." She rolled her eyes jokingly.
"Whats my last name? You don't know my name, it's because A here refered to me by my name earlier." A? Really, did I just call her A?!
"Um, Connor." She said slowly and I nodded
"No, sorry but I don't know you." She looked down.
"Well, if the rest of the guys are okay with it, you could stay." Bob spoke up, making me jump.
Was he here this full time?
"Yeah, when we stop for breakfast we should ask them." Gerard agreed, leading us to the front lounge.

"Do you have your phone on you?" Anna asked and I nodded, who could forget that?!
I pulled it out, a Blackberry, nice phone for me.
Hows it goin? I texted all of them
2 much fun lol Kait texted back, I guess she was having a good time?
FALL OUT BOY! Anna and I burst out laughing, Abbie was a good person, but the fangirl side of her, well it was amusing.
Um, Lottie scares me One of the guys probably took her phone
Yeah, she scares lots of ppl I didn't know who I was texting, but they seemed cool enough
Rlly? Bubbles, Tre took my phone and you say I'm scary?! lol Oh shit, please tell me she wasn't kidding with the 'lol'
"Guys, or erm, girls breakfast!" Mikey called out, the bus had stopped?

We walked out and looked around for out friends, they all seemed to be having a good time.
Kait, and Lotta were talking with the bands they stayed with, and I didn't see Abbie anywhere.
"Stop, Pete!" I looked and saw Abbie, slung over Pete's shoulder as he ran.
"Never!" He yelled, as he ran towards us.
"What?" I asked as she was let down
"I guess I got kidnapped." Abbie said laughing.
"So how was you're nights?" Lottie asked as we all sat at our table.
"Fun, I was fucking tired so I crashed easily." I admitted, feeling somewhat embarassed, who falls asleep that fast when you're on tour with your favorite band?
"I stayed up talking to them, they are really cool guys, and she called me 'A'" Anna looked at me smiling.
"Wait isn't that the bad guy off of the show Pretty Little Liars?" Yes, I watched that show once or twice
"I think so, but I didn't mean it!" I raised my hands in defense
"Well I had fun. Didn't get to sleep until almost 3 AM" Kait smiled
"I did too!" Lotta gave her a high five.
"How about you Abbie?" We asked and she smiled.
"Fall Out Boy? What do you think?" I smiled at my friend.

We were in the midst of discussing who was the most musically talented before we heard someone scream outside.
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