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Frank hates spiders, a grown man hiding behind a teenage girl

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Fucker, been a while, internet has been down all weekend, and earlier today I had my mind racing (interesting day today)

"WHAT?" I yelled as we ran outside, along with every other band member.
"Are you okay Ho-" Frank started, forgetting the younger girls name
"Hollie and no, LOOK." She pointed to the ground revealing a spider, pretty big.
"OH HELL NO!" Frank yelled diving to hide behind me.
"Keep me safe?" He asked in a whisper and I supressed a laugh, this really did scare him, like the story of the 32, or was it 36 inch? Well either way it was a 30 something inch plasma (green?) spider on the window inside their van.

"Frankie be a man." Gerard joked and he glared
"Gee you be a man, kill the damn thing." He pointed over my shoulder, I heard some laughs
We all turned to see the 4 members of Panic!, 3 of Green Day and Bob all dying from laughter.
"What?" All the girls asked (Well all the girls were the fans, so I will call us 'the girls' okay?) in unision.
"Dude you could barely reach over her shoulder, and you were on your tiptoes." I felt my cheeks burn, I wasn't one, who insisted on being in the spotlight.
"Wow guys, that is rude." Hollie stood up and we all looked.

"It was a joke." Ryan spoke up and she rolled her eyes.
"Sure." She walked inside as we heard a a foot collide with teh pavement.
"WHAT NOW BITCH!" Frank yelled, obviously killing the big bad spider.
Everyone outside started cheering, more in a teasing sort of way.
"What?" He asked looking around
"Erm, well um it was fake." Bob pointed out, moving his bandmates foot to pick up a rubber spider.
"What?" Frank was dumbfounded, it was obvious by the look on his face.
"So he got all worked up about a fake spider?" Anna asked smiling.
"Well then, maybe that is ending up in your bunk tonight." My friend's face dropped
"W-What?" Her hands shook, she may seem big, tuff (well not butch) but don't do that to her!
"Are you okay?" Mikey spoke up walking out of the diner.
"Frank, you killed her." Bob smacked him across the face with the spider.
"BITCH!" Frank yelled, grabbing at the spider.
"Catfight." Kait walked out, absent mindedly eating a blueberry pancake.
"That looks good." Brendon pointed, grinning like a 5 year old, snapping her back into reality.
"Your point?" She asked, sliding away from the singer.
"Welllllllll if you give me some I'll make it worth your while." All eyes on the singer who just bribed the youngest of our group
"What the fuck?" Jon looked at him in fear and disgust, which I couldn't tell if it was mock or serious.
"I WAS TALKING ABOUT A SLUSHEE! God, what were you thinking." Kait laughed, giving up her half eaten food.
"Eww you ate it." He complained and she held her hand out, almost demanding it back.
Eat it or give it back her expression said and he took a bite out of it, with a look of mock fear.
"You know what, when we're on the buses or whatever, we should play truth or dare!" Pete suggested and I smiled along with the rest of my friends.
"So on the Fall Out Boy bus?" Lotta asked, smiling when they nodded.

"So what do have in store for me?" Kait asked leaning back, after choosing dare.
We all looked over in her direction, Bob was the one choosing her dare.
"I dare you Kaiti to...."

WHAT DOES BOB DARE HER TO DO?! Even I don't know (hey its midnight here) sorry, more filler, but yeah)
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