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From Now On, We're Enemies

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Hollie is a bit jealous, Title credit from Fall Out Boy

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GUESS WHO GOT A FOB CD YESTERDAY!? No, not Mikey's Unicorn, I did (damn that is a let down) but Believers Never Die (amazing, how did I just find out about them!) P.S I am like Jesus, I died then came back to life O.O

"I dare you" Bob pondered rubbing his chin, I leaned back, yelping as I felt someone sitting there.
"Oh why hello there." Brendon smiled and everyone laughed at me, in turn causing my cheeks to fill with heat.
"Kiss Mr.Lova' boy." Lottie joked, not looking up from her phone.
"I ain't kissing nobody!" I moved over and leaned back crossing my arms over my chest.
"No fair, damn. I dare you to, hm call someone off your contacts and claim to be Dominos Pizza." I looked up, raising an eyebrow.
"Otherwise known as prank calling." Bob gave me a look as I scrolled through my contacts.
Les J.
Les F.

"LETS CALL KAIT!" Frank yelled running over and leaning against my back.
"Gah no, she is right there." I gasped pointing to Kait, who was sitting inbetween Ray and Ryan, looking at us like we just yelled out 'ADOPT ALL THE DOGS!' (Although nobody would be suprised if Frank decided to do so).
"Call me and I will go Lotta-style-fangirl on your ass." We all burst out laughing at the new threat.
"Wait, I am NOT that creepy." Lottie piped up from behind Anna
"I wish the rest of the guys were here." Anna mumbled looking down, and ashamed in what she said.
"Yeah, would've been more interesting." Tre agreed shrugging.
"LETS CALL LES!" Frank was acting more hyper than if he was 5 getting ALL the dogs.
"WHICH ONE?!" I yelled back in the same hyper tone.
"F is for Frank, so Les F." He looked so proud of himself.
"Okay, Skeffrey it is." KAit laughed, she was a friend from school, who had picked up that nickname, god knows how long ago.

"I need to borrow one of your phones, she will recognize my number to easily." Tre threw his phone at me, yes THREW.
"Wow, I felt the fucking wind off that." He laughed and I got up, walking to grab the phone which was on the other side of the bus.

I dialed her number and put the phone on speaker.
"Hello?" She answered, and the 5 of us stiffled a laugh (5 is me and my very close friends)
"Hola Dominos Pizza." Tre spoke up and I almost died
"Cheesy bread?" She asked, not recognizing his voice
"Yes cheesy bread." He went back to his normal voice and we heard her squeal.
"Is this Tre Cool?" She asked, gasping for air
"Nope, Frank Wright the third." I smiled
"HOLY SHIT!" I heard the vibration of my phone in front of me.

I smiled at her freak out, as he changed the subject.
"I have an IPhone, that I just got yesterday." Les' voice started getting quiter at the end of her sentence.
"I'm watching you Tre." She joked and he screamed mockingly.
"PLEASE DON'T WATCH ME TAKE ME PANTS OFF!" All of us burst out laughing.
"Ohmygod, fuck you guys." She hung up, and was probably adding a certain celebrity to her contacts.

"Hey Lucy, can we um talk." Hollie spoke up from her bunk.
"Oh yeah sure." I stood, and Bob gave me a look, that I returned, of fear.
"From now on, we're enemies." She crossed her arms, and wow was she pissed.
"What! Why?" I asked giving her a look.
"There were so many better videos and entries than yours, you just had a sob story, which probably never happened." That hit deep

Oh Hollie is mean (forgot to mention that, well it was a part I added last minute) but what was Lucy's entry? Will Les call Tre again?
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