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Catfight In The Distance

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Misunderstandings can lead to some angry fangirls against one-another

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I felt like doing this chapter in Anna's POV, ya'know, changing it up :P (that sounded horrible outloud)

"Woah, whats up with Hozzie and Bubbles?" Lotta whispered to me; as we sat on the bus, both the girls attempting to hide anger, failing in the process.
"I heard shit went down, one thinks the other's a bitch." Frank suddenly leaned over, explaining what happened between the two fans.
"Wow, but do you think we should try and make amends with the two?" I whispered, receiving a over exagderated nod from my friend.
"How about, we get people from the bands to do it for us; you know so we don't die." Lottie got quieter with each word that came past her lips.
"Smart, okay Frank go find people to help with this situation, and we'll talk to Lucy and Hozzie, okay?" One nod later and the shorter guitarist was off; finding people to help calm tensions before someone lost a limb.
"Lulu, can we talk?" I asked rocking on my heels.
"Fine." She muttered, yes when she was mad; she was M-A-D.

"What's up with that?" I asked as we walked off the bus, around the lot where everyone was hanging out.
"Just what she said." I raised an eyebrow at my usually calm friend
"I don't know why; but she came up, and started to flip out, claiming that I was just a sob story in a video, winning for no good reasons." Now I see why it hurt, I truthfully now know why she would be angry.
"Well, if any band members approach you; it was because me and Lotta didn't want to get in the middle of this, and get hurt, or raise the tension through out the whole damn area." I waved my arms around; trying to add onto my point.
"Okay then." She grinned, giving me a thumbs up
"So you calm?" I asked; as she nodded
"Yeah, I guess but she really can get ang-"
"STAY CALM?! YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW!!" We were cut off by Hollie screaming at our friend
"Calm down, just calm down." We saw Pete pulling Lotta away from the other girl
"But, but but, she was fighting claiming all this sh-"
"I get it, drama. But you can't start flipping out like that; you girly looked like you wanted to punch her in the face." I smiled at my, passive agressive fangirl friend.
"Fine, but she doesn't have to act that way towards Bubbles." Received an eyeroll.
"I get it, somewhat, just don't hit anyone." Me and Lulu dying over here; of the sight of Pete trying to keep tensions down
"Fine, but don't be a peacemaker..please." Lottie laughed, soon making the 4 of us looking like retards in the middle of a parking lot, inbetween buses laughing.
"What I miss?!" Brendon ran over, followed by Bob.
"Everything, you can't laugh with us, because you missed it." I stated jokingly.
"No fair, singers never get to have fun." Brendon mumbled jokingly accompanied by a mock, overdone frown.
"No that's drummers." Bob fought, receving looks from the other two musicians.
"Both of you are dead wrong, people are flipping out about drummers and especially singers, bassists get none of the big fame and love." We left the three to fight it out; on who got the least love from the fans..All of them were wrong if you think about it, I for one love them all, because they make amazing music.
You know?

Thought I would post something, sorry though been filled to the nines with homework :( sorry if it is horrible quality, next one will be better
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