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So Sorry :(

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I'm sorry guys

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It's obvious I haven't been updating this (Well no shit Sam, god damn) Okay little voice in my head can you cram a sock in it and let me fucking finish?!

Like I was saying, I wanted to give a reason
-Exams, homework and stress
-Getting ready for my farewell
-Writers block
-I also want to try re-writing it

So! I probably won't be updating it past this point, but a re-write (I promise) with all the same characters
Okay, it won't have a new plot line but answers
-Hollie wasn't a bitch, just a lot of stress (stuff with her family at the time, and people she knew got to much)
-Explaining why Lucy got chosen (her entry, which I am going to make the end)

Any other ideas you would want in the re-write (I'm not promising that I will use them all) just reveiw with them (oh and no romances please)
And yeah, when I origInally started, I didnt know about Pretty Odd or Ryan and Jon leaving Panic! (some people pointed that out :$)
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