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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4:

(Miyuki’s POV)
How did he know her name, her past..about her horrid parents and the even more horrid scientists..She watched him get closer and when his hand came towards her she could help but flinch, her ears flung back and she covered her mouth as she tried not to hiss. Feeling his soft touch on her cheek she looked up to him with big watering eyes. vampire..? Miyuki immediately grew interested and curious of this male when he spoke of him being a vampire and a coven which she only guessed were his gang members of some sort. Hearing of the dangers of leaving the room and that he couldn't even trust his second man made her worry a little and looked at the door with frightened eyes, she moved from the wall and door that she made herself press up against from fear earlier and looked to the male known as William as he continued to speak and explain everything to her. Her expression softened when she heard that he just wanted company, a female one at that. Miyuki was very worried and all that went through her head was Virgin, Miyuki don't lose it to him unless you love him She had a feeling she would be here in this mansion for a very long time.

She was glad to hear that he was willing to give her anything she wanted, she knew she wouldn't be spoiled by any means, she wished to not live like that..but it made her happy inside to think that some one would finally love her and give her some nice attention. "Scientists..they found i am in this city.." She mumbled to herself and looked to him with a worried expression which she normally had on her face, she was a very jumpy girl..whether her past was not as bad she would still be jumpy..Most neko's were. Her ears perked up and she finally smiled a little as she looked to the vampire in front of her and heard him purr almost. She inhaled deeply and gave a little nod as she stepped forward with curious eyes..She stood up on her tippy toes as she was tiny in height and touched his cheek with her nimble fingers. "Can i see your fangs..?" She asked as she cocked her head to one side "Master." A light purr could be heard from her if listening to her carefully and she smiled again stepping a little bit closer.
(William’s Pov)
William’s waited patiently with worry is his eyes knowing the girl probably would be ,too, scared to live with a vampire. But then his expression perked up when he noticed Miyuki starting to calm down for him. “Why yes ,my love, even if you have clearly washed away most of their scent on you I still can smell remnants of those filthy scientists on you. This very scent, I have been picking up lately ever since the rumor that has been swirling between covens that they captured a few vampires and a witch to experiment on in this area. I think I might of killed one their female experimenters on a recent hunt.“ He paused looking away from Miyuki trying to rub off his anger towards the people ,who harmed her. Damn was his protectiveness for her coming into full right now that he was willing to find away out into the sun without burning to kill these fiends. “So with said rumor and the presence of them clearly in Chicago. I think it is best to keep you here with me only a human seeking suicide would come to my mansion.” He said with all the seriousness he could muster in his tone. “But of course I can’t keep you confide to the indoors your more than welcome to go outside of mansion at night and if you want I will travel with you to downtown to shop for clothing, food you like to have in a kitchen mainly for you, to the movies or concerts or plays, or even to fun places like amusement parks, zoos, and museums.” Then William paused a light bulb going off. “And you know what I might even provide you with a friend to travel with you ,if needed during the day, if you seek the light. I have the perfect person in mind, he owes me a lot and this could be his way of paying me off. I suppose I will call him in the morning well this evening.” Then while he spoke he notice her smile from his purring.
“Oh would you look at that I got you to smile for me. See I’m pretty trustworthy what you get and see now is what I will be giving to you in my company. I expect my coven members to treat you the same if they don’t you can complain to me I will handle their rude behavior if any arises.” He paused smiling at her causing him to purr more audibly in delight of her starting to warm up to him even if he was far from ever being warm. “Oh Miyuki you shouldn’t hide that beautiful smile of yours from me anymore. It radiates the beautiful person you are inside and out.” William said with a slight blush on his face. He said as she came closer to him and he laughed to himself as she stood on her tippy toes to touch his cheek. “Yea I know I’m like a giant compared to you. Oh the disadvantages and advantages of being a 6’3 vampire.” William said his purring increasing at her closeness before being slightly taken aback by her question. “Oh you want to see my fangs, well my love that is the first time I ever heard that one usually people would prefer to never see my fangs or being in the same area as me. But if that is what you truly wish.” He said as his fangs popped out and let out a nice toothy smile to her showing his long and very sharp canines. “Enjoy them from your looks because they will never be used on you ,because I wish no harm to you. But on the brighter side of life I have a very well controlled bloodlust compared to the others here being I am 600 years old.” William went on to say as he displayed his fangs and hearing her call him master made him roll his eyes a little. ‘Oh Miyuki you don’t have to call me Master, please by all means address me as William or Will or Bill or Bilvy. Only the vampires in my coven are forced to call me Master, Master Beckett, or Master William. But you can call me by my name alone and I will respond. And this is a privilege I am only giving to you.” William purred to her with a clear growing love of her presence even if she hadn’t been there ,but 30 minutes.
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