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Chapter 5

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Chapter 5
(Miyuki’s POV)

Miyuki sniffed her arm and could get a faint scent of strawberries, but then again she didn't have heightened sense like vampires and other immortals, she wondered what she smelled like if he could catch the scent of the lab from her. Maybe i should shower She thought and hated the fact of going near water but she had too. She would have preferred a bath that morning and wondered if she could. She shook her head as she realized she got easily distracted again. Hearing that some vampires and a witch got kidnapped her tail fell to the ground and her expression saddened. "They do horrible things.." She looked to her wrists and little prick wounds were left from all the needles they put into her veins. She shivered and looked up to him. She was glad to know that no human would dare come near his home and she heard him purr again and her tail flicked behind her playfully as she started to purr back.

She heard of all the fun things they could do together and she jumped up and down with excitement and her tail automatically wrapped around his wrist meaning she was really starting to trust him but she had no idea what any of those things were, even her parents never left her out of their site and when they left the house she was locked away in the basement or attic.."I dunno what they are.." She said innocently and scrunched up her face. Blinking a few times and seeing his fangs elongate her mouth opened slightly and she moved her pointer finger towards it and poked it slightly, her tail unraveled from his wrist and started to whip behind her as she felt her finger get pierced and gulped. "ooops.." She said softly and nibbled on her bottom lip, there was something about him being a vampire that made her like him that little bit more, she wanted to know what it would feel like to be bitten, but she would wait.."You want..?" She asked as she held up her nimble finger as a trickle of blood that smelled so irresistible to others but to Miyuki she had no clue of the dangers still.

Miyuki didn't like being around people up until now, the fact that he wanted her to have a companion other then himself now was a little out of her comfort zone but she said nothing of it. She looked up to him so playfully and her tail still wagged behind her.."Can we play a game.." She asked with big honey colored hues staring up into his eyes, she wanted to play hide and seek, it would give her a chance to explore the mansion quickly and find hiding places, not that she would ever be hiding on him other then playing this game."..Hide and seek..I'm very good at it" she said cutely and turned away from him and faced the door waiting for it to be open so she could get a head start and go hiding, she was thinking with a house this big there should be a basement which was where she would go straight away, what would be down in the basement though could be something very normal or dangerous, she would soon find out..

(William’s POV)
William watched Miyuki as he listened to her talk about the scientists. Which William let out a hiss when hearing them again ,before looking down to see her wounds. William pull her into his embrace, resting his head, on her hair while letting his purring help her feel better from reflecting on her horrible memories. And he smiled into her hair as she purred back he wasn’t used to being purred back to, but it was a sheer sign of her trust growing on him. “Oh Miyuki I know they did horrible things to you. Things that your innocence never deserved to know. I will guard you from them and never let any horrible things happen again.” He whispered into her hair. William just held her like this hearing her confess to never have done anything he had mentioned he would do with he, while he felt her tail wrap around his wrist. “Hmm well then my love I will have to show you what you been missing won’t I. Since your cruel and pathetic excuses for parents don’t know how to show their daughter the wonders of having fun with all different kinds of things.” As William pulled his head away with a toothy smiled on his face redisplaying his fangs for her. And to his surprise she began to touch them till she managed to pierce her finger. “Well Miyuki see what happens when you get to curious about my fangs? You get a prick on the finger.” He said his eyes showing a tint of red he had fed last night on like 4 victims. But her blood drew his bloodlust to her. William ,however, hissed at himself and stepping back from her alittle. No he couldn’t , he wouldn’t feed on her ,but he could kiss the blood away from her. Since ,she easily got herself to bleed even if he vowed never to feed on her at least he have a slight idea what her blood tasted like. “Well Miyuki if you insist I’m not going to feed off of you ,but I will kiss your wound away. Along with something else.” He said bringing her finger to his lips kissing her pricked area of her finger away and tasting a drop of her blood ,which had William blown away of how sweet and nourishing it taste ,but he would quit before he got out of control. Then pulling back, William moved his lips to her wrist using his saliva to heal away the wounds she received from the experiments. “Dear my sweet neko no more reminders of what you been through though I can’t take the memories away at least the wounds will be gone for good.” He said before pulling her back into his embrace.
Then just resting his head in her hair once again, he was reminded of the sun rising soon. But he really didn’t want to sleep he was 600 years old he could go a week without sleep. So he would take this day to spend with her inside the mansion. That’s when it seemed that Miyuki read his mind. “Sure we can play a game. I up to having fun this old vampire never gets to have a lot of fun being a coven leader and all. But sure what did you have in mind for games.” He said looking with his brown eyes into her honey colored ones. “Hide and Seek, umm I guess we can play that ,but rules were taking this downstairs ,because I can tell you want to explore the mansion ,but there are a lot of vampires around her about 200 to be exact. They are least likely to be downstairs at this time since the sun is in fact rising so why don’t we play it down there. If your really good at hiding then I promise not to cheat and use my apparating or nose to find you. I’ll play it like humans tend to play.” William replied to her request for hide and seek before turning towards the door pulling a key out his pocket to unlock it. “Oh and Miyuki please by all means stay out my basement. Because I don’t need to be saying to myself curiosity killed the cat now do I..” William said leading Miyuki down the hall and towards the stairs ,before picking her up to arrive at his vampire haste to the first floor. While he sent mental message to all his vampires to stay in their rooms which wasn’t a problem since most of them were in bed at the moment ,but he hoped to god when they played this game she stayed out of the basement since that was where the newborns were kept till they could get more under his control. So that was the last place he wanted his neko companion going since their bloodlust was really strong and not really controllable at all. “Well Miyuki this floor is yours to hide in I shall go count to 20. Now remember no basement or outside seriously I’ll die trying to find you out there now go have fun. Bring this vampire a challenge of finding you down here.”
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