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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6
(Miyuki’s POV)
When William hissed she flinched a little as she was so easily frightened. Miyuki, being so weak almost fell into him with force when he pulled her into a hug. She liked it though, she had never had a hug before, she stood there clueless for a moment and purred louder when she felt his breath on her ears and head. She nibbled on her bottom lip and felt her face brush against him as she finally wrapped her arms around him too and loved this feeling. I like this.. She thought to herself and wondered why she never got one before..She stared up at him with a cute expression until she saw his eyes turn red and blinked a few times, with her free hand she rubbed her eyes to see if she was really seeing a crimson hint to his hues or not..She didn't want to be rude and back away but she gulped a little and watched him carefully. When he kissed her finger she giggled and blushed a little, she pulled her finger away gently and saw that the cut had gone along with the blood. She touched her finger and wondered where the little prick had gone, she looked up to him and smiled with amazement..

When he went to her wrists and noticed the little scars were gone she giggled with happiness and hugged him back when he went to embrace her again and snuggled right into him this time. She was really starting to like him.. Listening to him about other vampire being in the mansion she put her pointer finger to her lip and looked a little nervous but when she heard that he wouldn't use his vampire abilities it was like a challenge to her now. She used to hide for hours upon hours on her parents in their own home until she had to leave to use the restroom or get food before she fainted. She nodded to his rules and when she heard she couldn't go down to the basement she scrunched her face up a little but then nodded when she heard he would die trying to find her she blushed a little and whipped around to run away down the hallway but she froze and turned back."I really like you William" She said cutely but meant it..She smiled beautifully before turning and giggling to herself as she tried to find the perfect place to hide down the hallway.

She looked over her shoulder to make sure that he wasn't peeking and covered her mouth as another giggle came out. She pressed her ear up against most of the rooms and if she heard something inside she wouldn't dare to enter. There was one room though that was silent, it had shutters down already and was rather dark apart from the lamp on the bed side locker. No one seemed to be in here and she smiled as she shut the door silently behind her..She looked around the room, she could hide behind the curtains, in the closet, under the bed or in the bathroom. She decided that under the bed would be the best one to choose and she saw that a beautiful white carpet was on the floor of this particular bedroom, she grabbed a pillow from the bed and slipped under the bed, luckily the sheets hit the ground so there was no indication or sign that she was under there..She rested her head on the pillow comfortable and listened carefully to see if he was getting closer or not. Normally she would find better hiding spots but right now she was limited since she only had one floor to go on..

(William’s POV)
After ,addressing Miyuki, he couldn’t help notice that the usual cold and cruel person. He was starting to really like her no fall for her in love. William wasn’t sure why, but she was different,special. Someone he could show the world to in his light of seeing it. Since she never had been apart of a lot things in life due to her parents. And then he watched her taking in his rules ,before she turned and started to run down the hallway, making him laugh to himself over her cuteness ,before turning to say that she really liked him. “Oh Miyuki I’m touched my dear angel. I love, I mean really like you too.” Before ,she left to go find a hiding spot; and he turned towards a wall closing his eyes and counting to 20. “Well I’m starting my count ,darling, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20, ready or not here I come looking for you without my senses in use.” He said walking down the hall peering through room after room. Knowing which ones occupied a vampire or not. And he knew she wouldn’t be ,too, foolish to go into a room with one of them in it. Even if he was the boss and his word was law in his home. He still didn’t trust half of them even Brendon. Mike had been rather obedient most of ,even hits of building rebellion towards William had been common. And it all dwindle down to her manipulating him, William would not have this behavior in his coven. But ,this is not what William feared, he worried that she would try to get to him by harming Miyuki. At least, Miyuki was sincere as possible and had a beautiful heart, unlike Victoria who was out for power and he was sure once she got it she would do away with Brendon. However,William had an advantage over her ,for he was a 600 year born vampire with powers, that turned by bite vampires never had. Nevertheless he continued on playing Hide and Seek with Miyuki hoping that she didn’t bump into either one of them right now. So William starting to panic, decided to break his promise for the game, as he picked up her scent searching for her before the bitch got near his lady.
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