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Chapter 7

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Chapter 7:
(Brendon’s Pov)
After, taking care of William’s requests, for his new companion Miyuki to be readied for bed. Brendon went in search of the love of his life, his mate Victoria Hawthorne. A 190 year old vampire from the Ukraine, that Brendon met at club in Chicago one night,and had taking her love since. Eventually, William allowed her to move into the mansion. But he could tell William didn’t like her one bit ,which made Brendon growl to himself. On how he put up with his neko companion ,he just got him, but not William with his love Victoria. After, walking towards his room he spotted Victoria looking up at him with a purr before coming up to him locking lips. “Victoria ,my lovely Ukrainian Goddess, I see your heading to our bedroom as well. Did your night treat you well and did you get to hunt?” He said watching her smile at him before opening the door to the very bedroom that Miyuki hid in. Walking in grabbing pajamas before taking off his suit till he was in his boxer shorts before slipping on his silk pajamas.

(Victoria’s Pov)
After leaving Brendon’s lips. She followed him into their bedroom shutting the door behind before picking up an unusual scent that smelled new and like her least favorite vampire William Beckett. The very vampire ,that stood in her way for her Brenny Boo, to become the leader of the coven. But shrugging off the smell, she answered Brendon’s question. “Yes my night did treat me well and killed a few virgins tonight. Did you have a fun time finding William a whore? I mean a companion ,whatever, he calls that cat looking human scum.” She said walking up behind Brendon already in her night gown. “So Brendon tell me am I right when William has gone soft perhaps vulnerable over a pathetic creature like a neko. Should of got him a pet unicorn, butterflies, and all the cute kittens in the world while your at it,because when you left I listened in to his conversation with her. And he presents himself as being cruel ,please.” Victoria said with hate toward the Dandies leader in her tone. Before, pulling Brendon along to lay in their bed not noticing Miyuki hiding under the bed with a pillow from the bed. “Oh Brendon, you know what this means you could destroy him? Maybe even use the little pet of his to get to him since he seems to have developed rather fast and striking feelings for her. Love to be exact I can tell by the tone of his voice in their conversation.” Victoria said with sneakiness in her as Brendon sighed listening to her plans of destroying William.

(Brendon’s Pov)
“Yes I couldn’t agree more she is pathetic I just got her ,because she would be an easy catch since she is young and very naïve. But I never expected him to ,even like her, and let alone start to fall in love with her. Victoria your right William is becoming Vulnerable.” Brendon paused thinking this through. “But I can’t simply take him down he has powers that no other vampires possess. And he is 600 years old. I’m only 200 years old. And my powers he knows to well of since he is the one ,who created me. Still the girl, Miyuki, is that her name would provide a great device to get him to give his life for her. Which, I’m sure he is more willing to do. Then once we do away with him. We will feed and kill the girl together as I take over the coven since I am second in command.” He said as Victoria’s had a wide evil smile on her face before kissing her mate.
(William's POV)
William kept following the scent till he got to a door where her scent went through. That’s when he looked up at the door and realized his fear came true. Miyuki was hiding in Brendon’s room somewhere and both Brendon and Victoria were in there. “Shit Miyuki is in trouble if I don’t get her out of there now and back into my room. Where I won’t let those two good for nothing vampires harm her especially the gold-digging whore.” He whispered to himself with great fear in his voice. Deciding to get in there without either vampire noticing ,he used his apparition locking in on her face, before he appeared laying under the bed with Miyuki staring at her with a loving look along with fear in his eyes that never appeared before in them. As he picked up, a conversation that almost literally made his jaw drop. So Brendon and Victoria were planning against him and going to use Miyuki. Not in his book would he let this happen, his love was not some toy to use to get to him. In fact, he would keep her away from Brendon and Victoria to the best of his abilities ,which he had many. Such as him hiding his scent so he could hide with Miyuki under the bed so they wouldn't dare pull anything if they found her ,but for precautions he used his hand sending a hint of his scent to hide her's completely. While, waiting to see if she noticed his presence yet.
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