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Nightmares of Dreams

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Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Angst,Romance - Published: 2012-04-30 - Updated: 2012-04-30 - 237 words

Nightmares of Dreams

They told us we had no hope
I wish we could laugh in their faces
And prove them wrong,
But our love has died
With no chance of revival
We can barely just achieve survival

With the cards we've been handed
Now we're on an island of hate and tears
where we've been stranded
But I don't want to let go
Of this dream we had together

I can't let the ocean of the past
Sweep it away from under us,
Even when we're better off
without it

Rain washes us away
From this desert world
And takes us back
To where we belong.

Back to the white walls,
Insane with loss and
Those ever present waves
Of forgetfulness lapping
At the edges of my mind,
Threatening to take over
And erase you from my memory.

But as much as it hurts,
As much as it eats away at me
To remember,
I hold on to it.

Forgetting would be giving up,
And I still hope
Behind the rage filled eyes
And tearstained cheeks,
We could just pick up
Where we left off.

We could row back to shore
From these drifting seas
And just live
As we said we would
All those years ago.

Take it all on,
Day by day,
Fight by fight,

But you've left,
And now I'm here alone,
Screaming from the breaking
Of a heart stolen long ago.
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