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Lonely Angel

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Slightly based off Doctor Who

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Lonely Angel

If I ever meant anything,
give me a sign.
Just cast a glance,
flash a smile,
fling a wave,
toss a word.

This solitude
and silence
away from you
is unbearable.
You went flying away,
and left me here,
so mundane.

Now all I have
is the stars to gaze at,
wondering where you are,
if you're thinking of me,
or if you've already
found another.
Does she know
what is to come?

Being left right where
she started,
being told to move on
with her life.
But how can she
after all she's seen?
After all she's done,
what is left for her

And while we'll grow old,
age, and die at the end,
you stay so young,
searching for another
when one grows to weak.

I wish I could tell her,
but she will find out herself.
She will feel the same pain
I felt,
when I was abandoned by you,
the lost traveler,
so you could save me.

It was the hardest thing
when you left me behind.
But the heartbreak was worth it,
for you,
my lonely angel.
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