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Don't Bother

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Carmen thinks about Sakura and her wedding plans in the same morning.

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Don't Bother:

I feel like screaming right now. I should be happy that Adam and I are getting married. But, I still have a problem.

Sakura Ono. Sakura Freaking Ono.

She clearly loves him, but she won't admit. I'm worried that he might have feelings for her as well. No, he loves me. I will to it that that's not going to happen.

I pushed my hair back from my eyes. Not that easy, though. They have been friends for eight years now. I hate how this scenario unfolds. Charge in to break it up; I look like a total bitch. Be too laid back and he leaves with her. I lose either way.

What the hell? I don't have time to deal with that Panda!

I tightly shut my eyes. Okay, that was uncalled for, she drives me to that point. I'm sure she has some slur to hurl at me if she wanted to. I shook myself to myself. Right...

Now with that out of the way, back to more wedding planning. Every girl dreams of this day. That's why they are in charge of everything. No one has the license to complain. The bride gets her way and that's it. I smiled as I remembered that little fact. Brides only want the best. That holds true for me. I just want the wedding of my dreams. Adam is going to help me get it.

I frowned to myself. He's been busy with work lately. Ms. Bude seems to be the devil. Everyone at BRM seems to be in a panic because of it. Adam has been really stressed lately. So stressed that he doesn't have time for me anymore. I hope he doesn't end up losing it because of work.

I sat back in my chair. I know, I'll run him a bath when he gets in. Then, I pick up dinner and a couple of beers on my way to pick up the decorations. He'll probably want to go to sleep after that. I just make up his bed while I'm at it.

I smiled and chuckled to myself. Would you look at that! I'm already thinking like a wife. I still want to work though. I love to DJ too much and I'm not giving that up! We'll both work in that case. But right now, the wedding plans and then the other stuff that I want to do for him today. My morning's going to be busy. Top that with the opening of the club downtown, whew! How do I do it?

Run, Devil, Run, Run, Run
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